Thursday, January 29, 2015

add that goo-gol aggregate intelligence isht and big-A hives appear to trump little dog packs...,

There are 28 urban areas worldwide with at least 10 million people. By 2030, 12 more are expected to enter the ranks of the planet's megacities.


John Kurman said...

CNu said...

I wonder if that rubric holds true for groups and teams made up of folks who actually have to deliver the tasks or goods? i recall a TED talk i posted a few years ago about groups of women knitting coral reefs, or something along those lines, i'm gonna see if i can dredge that up, cause i dont clearly recall its gist.

On the face of it, i'd be inclined to agree with some of the articles notions if the group deliverable is some form of communication or presentation. However, if the group deliverable is concrete tasks or goods, not so much.

CNu said...

My bad, crochet...,

John Kurman said...

If that's your bad for the day, I'll take that day.

Me thinks thou thinkst fair upon the matter. Deliverables suggest another round of experimentation. Problem is the ones that would settle the question are considered inhuman. Regardless. Skill level or goals, there has to be friendship. NASA figured that out.

CNu said...

Sho's you right. For those tasked with getting things done, for the team to gel, at a minimum, their has to be a trust baseline and cooperation trumping competition. How extensible, I wonder, is this to political coalitions? Dunbar say, not so much...,

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