Friday, January 16, 2015

staten island race politics a microcosm of america and the world...,

WaPo |  Staten Island itself is far more pro-police and anti-de Blasio than the rest of the city.

This is not a surprise. In the immediate wake of the decision, Staten Islanders were quick to offer support for the police when asked. New York's most conservative and whitest borough, it is known for its strong support for -- and population of -- law-enforcement officers.

Nonetheless, the scale of Staten Island's differing opinions is pretty remarkable. We pulled a number of the Quinnipiac questions in which Staten Island was furthest from the city on the whole. Staten Island is in red; the vertical axis marks how far above or below the citywide opinion (in bold on the vertical axis) responses from each borough fell.

On the first graph, in other words, New York was nine points more likely to approve of de Blasio's handling of crime than to disapprove, but Staten Island was 48 points more negative than the city overall.