Sunday, January 25, 2015

gray state the rise

activistpost |  This is the raw, uncut an unfinished version of Gray State: The Rise. One upload made, possibly by the original uploader, was then removed out of respect for family and contributors. A news story makes it clear that Crowley was on the brink of releasing the final version a few weeks from December 17th which might be the last time anyone had contact with him. It is unclear if the world will ever see that version. Since the video of his project is publicly available, we have posted one below. Two other upload sources for it are here and here.

The content centers on the ruling elite, government corruption, deliberate economic devastation, police state tactics - militarization of police and brutalization, problem-reaction-solution, mass indoctrination/propaganda, all forms of surveillance, counterterrorism, left/right political paradigms, individualism, communism, cognitive dissonance, military and war.


Vic78 said...

Check out Air Fuck One.

John Kurman said...

Extravagant depravity has always been a perquisite of the rich.

CNu said...

Masturbating into strangers with whom you have no personal or emotional connection seems to be a favored hobby of the arranged-marriage medieval, the rich, the powerful, and the rough-trade male homosexual.

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