Thursday, January 08, 2015

superb demonstration of why cats with bass in their voice aren't allowed on teevee anymore...,


Dale Asberry said...

Lol, exactly

CNu said...

Welcome to the spot. I've never seen Charles Murray hanging out at the clusterfuck nation, and over the course of my dozen or so years-long acquaintance with peak oil and collapsarianism, I haven't seen an overwhelming number of those folks anywhere around the long emergency set. Most of them are smart enough, practical enough, and self-interested enough to see through that garbage. On the rare occasion it rears its head, it tends to get shot down in a hurry.

That said, being smart enough to see the writing on the wall in contrast with the yet prevailing consensus hallucination of continual economic growth on a finite planet - doesn't immunize one against every conceivable hole in the sociological/historical outlook bucket. Kunstler would benefit greatly from some smart black friends.

On the flipside of that, 99.9% of the black folks I know - know next to nothing about the peak oil collapsarian writing on our collective wall. In terms of practical utility, black folks stand to gain a whole lot more from communing with marginally erudite doomer/preppers - assuming that train hasn't already come and gone some time ago.

Hell, it took me nearly a decade to get Cobb off the pot with regard to stepping up his own personal preparedness and practical resourcefulness.

ken said...

I guess I did get a little sidetracked. My experience with older generations and now to an extent myself, the longer they or we live, the more you recognize how many times you fall short, and how many more experiences they have to draw from to be used when empathizing with others. At the same time, the aged become more comfortable with themselves and with that may be more forward in their assessments of people around them.

I think they "see" fine as opposed to "not see". Whether they feel its their time to do something about what they see, that may be a different story.

CNu said...

lol, Jesus never said, "suffer the old fart-knockers to come unto me". Not only do older generations not see just fine, rather, they tend to repeat and reinforce self-justifying nonsense with which they've calmed themselves for years.

ken said...

ok, but looking at the definition of wisdom, one would have to conclude people of age have a better chance of obtaining wisdom than a younger generation.

the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.
the soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge, and good judgment.

accumulated philosophic or scientific learning : knowledge. b : ability to discern inner qualities and relationships : insight. c : good sense : judgment.

The ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting; insight. 2. Common sense; good judgment

Looking at these definitions, experience and to know what is lasting, takes time. So you might find foolish old farts sure enough, but experience and time have much more opportunity of getting through to older people than the young. Its just the logistics of the thing.

CNu said...

In rare cases where all three brains are properly functioning, what you say is true. However, for the overwhelming majority of these humans, this is not the case, and about the best that can be said for them is that their declining hormone levels conduce to reductions in their impulsiveness.

I'll give you a practical illustration. If you leave an old cow on its tried, trusty and true path, it'll do just fine. If you take that same old cow and put it onto novel terrain it's likely to be paralyzed by confusion. Have you ever had the experience of dealing with a grey-haired senior manager or executive who "rules the roost" in his/her coddled and artificially empowered slot in a hierarchy? Take that same pompous personage, and put them on the street where nobody answers to them and they're completely unknown, and voila, they look more like a foolish old cow than a wise old leopard or owl.

This is the terrifying truth of our situation and the main reason most of the aging humans in our polity will cling ever more tightly to their status quo "understandings" (habits) of the world - long after these habits and everything that informs them continues to apply or to make sense.

If you go back to Kunstler, one of the things he gets quite right is the certainty of what most people will do when confronted with breakdowns...,

Vic78 said...

It looks like Mika wanted Russel to hit that. I would've hollered at her after the show. What's up with the panty waisted dude sitting at the table with them?

Hell yeah they're going to limit exposure to hardcore people. When was the last time they had Chomsky on?

CNu said...

gnaw man..., stop playin - that ain't hot-heat.

In the two videos you linked here, Russell tryin his level best to play nice and be persuasive with his countrymen. He doesn't even scratch the surface of getting underneath their masks the way he did with the morning joe regulars, He's being a good boy pretty much through and through.

Here's what I have in mind when I say hot-heat. Hot-heat means reading the unconscious and subconscious motives of your enemy, calling him out for the devil he truly is, and doing it with an unassailable degree of sharpness and superior wakefulness that is simultaneously intimidating and hypnotic.

Russell has demonstrated his ability to be shiningly upright with
shallow American nabobs. With regard to mainstream british
intellectuals, he's far more deferential. In being so deferential, he loses the sharp adversarial contrast required to elevate one's position to the level of genuinely hot political-economic heat.,

John Kurman said...

Deferential because they're VAMPIRES!!!

I Didn't Think This Would Happen Until Tomorrow...,

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