Thursday, January 15, 2015

rule of law: overseer union president doesn't speak for the overseers

New York Daily News | Not exactly the blueprint for a more perfect union.
Members of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association nearly came to blows on Tuesday during a meeting of delegates in Queens. There was pushing, shoving and lots of screaming at Patrick Lynch, president of the 23,000-member union.
The in-house battle erupted over the issue of what patrol officers really need — an apology from Mayor de Blasio or better equipment and more officers to back them up on the streets.
“This is what my members want!” a cop yelled near the end of the raucous meeting. “They want more cars, better vests, more manpower!”
And then the cop — one of about 350 in attendance — took a verbal jab at Lynch, who has called on de Blasio to offer a mea culpa for his continued lack of support for police.
“They don’t want an apology,” he said.


ken said...

If I think back to where one feels like a man, or where one gets the muscle and ability to do manly things it comes from the adventures and freedom exercises I took, and probably most others took on when being on your own as a kid. Whether it was trying to play with bigger kids on playgrounds or climbing trees or building forts or just plain running at will anywhere, the physical abilities came from doing what I liked to do when young, beyond what my parents had the energy to do be around and oversee my activities. Today, it seems the kids will only be able to grow up and do whatever physical activity the parents have the desire and energy to do with them.

It appears letting your child out to enjoy there own freedom, is now neglectful and may get a visit from the law, and might get your kids taken to a more protective environment.

CNu said...

360 degrees of youthful autonomy is indispensable to one's proper development. We (I) selected the neighborhood we live and raised our children in on that basis. Balance between one's three epistemic centres is predicated largely on this early developmental freedom.

That said, benching 400lbs in one's middle years and packing the muscular gains required to do that in one's middle years makes a WORLD of difference in how one is perceived and responded to by all walks, ages, and genders..., moving like a well-integrated mass of tight meat while retaining fairly loose and mobile joints - makes a world of difference in how people unconsciously respond to one's presence.

BigDonOne said...

“... my members want...more cars, better vests, more manpower!”
...and more target practice..??

rohan said...

Dawn pretending he didn't get a warm and fuzzy feeling when he saw this story. Kind of like this police chief pretending he's going to "investigate" his riding-dirty overseers for their ku klux frat house antics

Golddigger Prank Exegesis....,