Saturday, May 30, 2020

Your People's Time Is Up If Don Lemon Is All You've Got Speaking On Your Behalf...,

mediaite |  CNN host Don Lemon hit network colleague Chris Cuomo with a monologue on Wednesday evening as riots took place in Minneapolis over the police brutality against and subsequent death of George Floyd.

As Cuomo spoke about the coronavirus pandemic, Lemon changed the subject.

“So, in that same vein, because we are talking about these viruses that are infecting America,” said Lemon. “Imagine if that was me on the ground, how you would feel as a friend, as someone I spend a lot of time with. Imagine how people around this country feel when their friends, like you, both of us are of a different background, when their friends say nothing. When they do nothing. except send out a tweet or say, ‘Oh, man, that’s terrible. I can’t believe that happens.'”

“Then when they see everyday racism, they don’t stand up for it. Imagine how that feels to people of color in this country. It feels terrible. Is that really being a friend?” he questioned, adding, “I’m not saying you specifically, you understand what I’m saying. You know what I’m saying.”

Cuomo responded, “I totally understand and, you know, the only word I can use is just hurt, it all hurts.”

“I’ve heard from so many people that I love that they’re so afraid that it’s going to be them, it’s going to be their kid, and white people roll their eyes like, ‘Come on, man. This only happens like once in a while,'” he continued. “It doesn’t have to happen that often if every time it happens in your mind it seems to go unanswered in terms of why it’s okay.”

Lemon shot back, “But that’s the problem Chris… It happens a lot. We just don’t see it. We’re just seeing from the video. This is the reason that Colin Kaepernick was taking a knee, and then people were upset. The president of the United States having the nerve to call him, and then others standing up for this sort of injustice, to call them ‘sons of bitches.’ This is why people are standing up, so that it doesn’t lead to this.”