Thursday, May 07, 2020

And What's Behind the Touting of Remdesivir?

"Love Passionately." Smaller letters advise: take PrEP, (it might say something about financial assistance available)  The PrEP regimen involves Gilead's drug Truveda.   Gilead has donated thousands of the pills to the federal government, but government pays for the required  prescription/ distribution/ monitoring by physicians, and at a cost multiples of times the cost of the pills.

Gilead encourages risky behavior in its advertising for this drug to curb the effects of that behavior, all at taxpayer expense. Fauci's involvement with HIV AIDS was highly controversial. Same Fauci, in league with Gates, is now behind a lockdown forcing not-sick, not-risk-taking persons to abstain from normal life functions, then advising the use of a drug produced by Gilead to cure "the invisible enemy".

A rising public awareness of the lack of integrity of career officials at yet another 3 letter federal agency. In the short term it serves as yet another excuse for draconian state policies that will result in the destruction of the economy and thus the Republic. Meanwhile there is plenty of money to be made:

NIH evaded disclosure of the massive financial links of its members to Gilead Sciences, the manufacturer of a competing drug remdesivir. Among those who failed to disclose such links are 2 out of 3 of its co-chairs." "Nearly 20% of this panel is employed by or has investment interests in Gilead."

My, imagine that. The NIH Panel on COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines is made up of 50 researchers and physicians. This panel will decide treatment recommendations for Remdesivir.

Remember in 2014 when Gilead won FDA approval for the drug Harvoni? The price per patient was $94,500 if you wanted your Hepatitis C cured.  Gilead isn’t a charity.  May 4 - Gilead receives $37.5M grant to develop/test Remdesivir—courtesy of US taxpayers. Taxpayer funded study shows small non-mortality benefit. FDA approves Remdesivir

Patient cost: $1000

Remdesivir manufacture cost: $10

Gilead projected 2020 revenue for Remdesivir: $1,000,000,000