Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Like A BOSS!!!

independent |  Donald Trump did not wear a mask during his visit to an Arizona mask manufacturing plant on Tuesday, which played the Guns N’ Roses cover of James Bond theme song “Live and Let Die” during the event.

Mr Trump arrived alongside other White House officials in Phoenix, Arizona, to watch the production of millions of N-95 medical masks worn by medical staff during the coronavirus  pandemic.

The president, who has been unwilling to wear a mask during the coronavirus pandemic, said on Tuesday morning that he would “if it was a mask environment”.

Workers could be seen wearing masks, whilst a sign read that all persons should wear masks, as the White House entourage looked on with goggles.

The presidential tour on Tuesday climaxed when the chorus of “Live and Let Die” played over a Honeywell executive’s explanation of how the material protected wearers from the virus that has now claimed more than 70,000 American lives.

“If this ever-changing world in which we live in / Makes you give in and cry / say live and let die” blared on the PA system as the plant executive shouted over the Guns N’ Roses cover of the popular James Bond theme ‘Live and Let Die”, written by Paul McCartney.

Coming on the same day that the White House confirmed it would disband its coronavirus task force within weeks, commentators provided their own take on Tuesday’s presidential spectacle.