Thursday, July 14, 2016

SCHOOL: remember to focus, focus, focus - on the economic dimension

stateofthenation2012 |  At the end of the day racial tensions are always the result of fierce economic competition. Race wars are actually class wars in disguise. Race riots occur during times of great financial duress.  Racial hatreds are easily inflamed when those on the other side of the tracks appear to be doing better.  The greater the divide between the 1% and the 99% the more anger and rage, frustration and discouragement will be vented.

The Obama Administration is already well-known for willfully neglecting the black communities throughout the nation.  Obama’s complete lack of sound economic policy and necessary financial restraint have pushed the nation to a monetary collapse and fiscal bankruptcy.  Truly, the political, economic and social consequences of Obama’s systematic destruction of American enterprise is catastrophic.  Obamacare alone has served to shudder countless businesses across the country.  The poor black communities have essentially shunned that cost-prohibitive scheme designed to enrich health insurance companies.

One need look no further than the city of Detroit (and Obama’s hometown Chicago) to understand the degree of Obama’s willful neglect.  That city resembles nothing short of an apocalyptic wasteland.  Having a predominantly black population, Detroit has nevertheless received very little federal assistance, financial aid or emergency relief (like when the water is shut off).  Just how long can such a dire situation continue before a ‘racial’ conflagration occurs.  Financial desperation will always push the economically oppressed into desperate actions.

This Administration is quite aware of their gross failure in regard to economic recovery because the Congressional Black Caucus has told them so repeatedly.  Many of the more honest minority state representatives have admitted that Obama has proven to be an unmitigated disaster for black America.  In fact he has done very little regarding the critical causes of community renewal, business development and genuine black empowerment.

Because of their monumental failure, Obama and his racist cohorts have chosen to play the race card at every opportunity as a means of misdirection.  By inciting racial tensions, race riots, and race wars their own profound failings are covered up.  By continually misdirecting the peoples’ attention to genuine or fictitious acts of racism, the root causes of the coming class war are never exposed so that they can be addressed.

Always and everywhere - remember the lessons you've learned at school.


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