Friday, July 08, 2016

if this little unpleasantness stays rooted in race, it'll blow over - if it goes to class - all hell breaks loose...,

Criminality correlates a lot better to class than race.  It's just that in many areas, class correlates pretty well with race.  Looking at our nation's history, when the Black Panthers stuck to talking about race issues, the FBI didn't like them but dealt with them.  Even though the Black Panthers were arming themselves and talking of revolution.  However, as soon as the Black Panthers started talking about class and showing common cause with white people, the FBI exterminated them.  Food for thought. 
If this little unpleasantness stays rooted in race, it'll blow over.  If it gets anywhere near economic issues, all hell will break loose.  As soon as it looked like Occupy Wall Street was going to stick around, Obama coordinated public and private militias and took them out.  As ever, what Empires fears most is a peasant revolt.


Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes - Whatever They're Telling You About Biden Is Disinformation

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