Tuesday, November 25, 2014

the overseer's a liar..., (aided and abetted at a systemic level)

root |  A review of the grand jury testimony of Ferguson, Mo., Police Officer Darren Wilson opens up a window allowing us to see the ways in which police testimony is treated in an investigation. In the case of the shooting death of Michael Brown, Wilson often gets favorable treatment even in several questionable and eyebrow-raising passages.  

If Brown’s family brings a civil lawsuit, it will be interesting to see what attorney Benjamin Crump can uncover in any cross-examination of Wilson.

During his testimony, Wilson received no tough questioning. And because the Ferguson police conveniently failed to take photographs of the crime scene or record measurements of distances regarding where Brown and Wilson were when Brown was shot, what we're left with are photos from bystanders from Aug. 9, the testimony of Brown's friend Dorian Johnson and Wilson's grand jury appearance.

There are (at least) five specific points Wilson makes that are highly questionable: