Thursday, November 13, 2014

destruction of the system of dopamine hegemony is the end: everything else is merely conversation...,

medialens |  If Julian Assange was initially perceived by many as a controversial but respected, even heroic, figure challenging power, the corporate media worked hard to change that perception in the summer of 2012. After Assange requested political asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, the faux-feminists and corporate leftists of the 'quality' liberal press waged war on his reputation.
This comment from the Guardian's Deborah Orr summed up the press zeitgeist:
'It's hard to believe that, until fairly recently, Julian Assange was hailed not just as a radical thinker, but as a radical achiever, too.'
A sentiment echoed by Christina Patterson of the Independent:
'Quite a feat to move from Messiah to Monty Python, but good old Julian Assange seems to have managed it.'
The Guardian's Suzanne Moore expressed what many implied:
'He really is the most massive turd.'
The attacks did more than just criticise Assange; they presented him as a ridiculous, shameful figure. Readers were to understand that he was now completely and permanently discredited.

We are all, to some extent, herd animals. When we witness an individual being subjected to relentless mockery of this kind from just about everyone across the media 'spectrum', it becomes a real challenge to continue taking that person seriously, let alone to continue supporting them. We know that doing so risks attracting the same abuse.

Below, we will see how many of the same corporate journalists are now directing a comparable campaign of abuse at Russell Brand in response to the publication of his book, 'Revolution'. The impact is perhaps indicated by the mild trepidation one of us experienced in tweeting this very reasonable comment from the book:
'Today humanity faces a stark choice: save the planet and ditch capitalism, or save capitalism and ditch the planet.' (p.345)


BigDonOne said...

Is this another one of your warped-fringe heroes, CNu,..??

He appears totally depressed. If you read his Wiki , definitely sounds like one of those mixed-up Heath Ledger, John Belushi, et. al. types who will be found next year or two mysteriously deceased in a hotel room with illegal substances in his blood,,,,,

CNu said...

lol, BD - you KNOW you're my one and only warped-fringe hero. You seldom disappoint in fulfilling your voluntary role as a poster child for dopamine-addiction ending badly. Thank you sir! Once again, I'm in your debt...,