Saturday, November 01, 2014

fascinating perspective on living memory history of relations with the imperial garrison state...,

wipokuli |  To put things clear again: believing that that Mossad would have dared to kill Kennedy because of his opposition to Israel´s nuclear armament would at least to be called be naive taking Israel´s situation and stand in 1963 (, though things today might be different ( At least those days Israel´s secret service could not even have dreamt of something like that – not because of moral reasons, but because of the fact that Kennedy´s opposition was quite in the line of US geopolitics. Today there can be no doubt anymore that Kennedy was the victim of a deep split in the US Power Elite over strategic questions, his assassination being an “inside job”, but not because of Israel! The split between the “Traders” and the “Warriors” within the US Power Elite (today continued in the division between the “Soft Power Fraction” and the “Neocons”) those days was about Kuba and the risking of a big war, which Kennedy´s opponents were ready to risk ( But I´d bet that the Mossad had all around Kennedy´s assassination “on the screen” as well. “Knowledge is power”, the power to force that fraction of the US Power Elite being involved in the murder to change the line on Israel and its nuclear armament as well as in general!


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