Tuesday, January 07, 2014

walt disney: family planning

openculture | In 1951, Carl Djerassi, a chemist working in an obscure lab in Mexico City, created the first progesterone pill. Little did he know that, a decade later, 1.2 million women would be “on the Pill” in America, exercising unprecedented control over their reproductive rights. By 1967, that number would reach 12.5 million women worldwide. It was fortuitous timing, seeing that the post-war global population was starting to surge. It took 125 years (1800-1925) for the global population to move from one billion to two billion (see historical chart), but only 35 years (1925-1960) for that number to reach three billion. Non-profits like the Population Council were founded to think through emerging population questions, and by the mid-1960s, they began publishing a peer-reviewed journal called Studies in Family Planning and also working with Walt Disney to produce a 10-minute educational cartoon. You can watch Family Planning above.


CNu said...

Kotex was directly influencing its consumers using all the tools at its disposal. I remember back in the day there would be Kotex sanitary product dispensers and disposal in every schools girl's restroom. I don't recall those being in place this past summer when I did some highschool recabling walk-throughs...,

CNu said...

Is that DeeVee's sister?

rotflmbao...., c'mon magne - you remember how freely dude threw around the honorific "sistah".

Vic78 said...

"Our only hope is that it may only be a temporary illness: "I actually think runaway consumerism is a temporary historical glitch. I think we'll grow out of it." Not the most reassuring message. I don't see it happening on its own.

DMG said...

Hey UBJ, long time my friend. When did DV's spot go offline? We need a reunion

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