Sunday, January 12, 2014

speaking of smug faces and unnaturally charmed political lives...,

The Shadow Campaign

WaPo |  To a greater extent than any modern politician, with the possible exception of her husband and the late Massachusetts senator Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and scandal are inseparable. While first lady, she was caught up in the Rose Law Firm file flap and the White House travel office firings, about which she denied knowing anything. At the State Department there was Benghazi, the lack of candor about Benghazi, the phony Accountability Review Board (which conveniently didn’t question her) and the apparent scapegoating of four State Department employees who seemed to have no real responsibility for the death of four Americans. Unlike her first-lady excuses, she couldn’t very well say she didn’t know what was going on in her own department. The stench of fundraising scandals and the prison sentences of some of Clinton’s donors almost get lost in the torrent of excuse-mongering. If she is not one of the most dishonest pols of our time, than she must be a perpetual victim (no doubt of the “vast right-wing conspiracy”) or the most unlucky woman on the planet.

Since Clinton left office, controversy has swirled about the management of the Clinton Foundation. Now, thanks to the new memoir from former secretary of defense Robert Gates, it spins even faster.


Vic78 said...

While they're playing games, nobody's addressing this They're too busy sucking up for cash to take them on. They can bullshit all they want and blame the voters. The voters put them there to deal with it. Whether it's cowardice or stupidity, they aren't up to the task.

CNu said...

Vic, what in the world does the Cathedral and its minions have to offer that compares for grassroots depth and breadth to these churches?

This is what I mean when I use the term "the wattles" Given the infuriating results that have resulted from 40+ years of the Cathedral, mebbe it's time for the Calvinist, dominionist, logic, language, and values of the wattles hold sway for a generation or two.

CNu said...

With shit like this in full swing, and with comedians as THE MOST POTENT public intellectuals we have in circulation - NOTHING that the bible buddies bring to the table can be all that bad

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