Thursday, January 09, 2014

new delhi better stop flinging feces and shell out for a competent attorney instead...,

timesofindia | In a major setback to Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade, a federal judge has rejected her plea to extend the January 13 deadline for a preliminary hearing on the visa fraud issue, the date by when she has to be charged.

Shortly after the issuance of the order in which the judge said "good cause" has not been demonstrated in the plea, Khobragade's laywer Daniel Arshack said he is "considering" other options.

The three-page order, by which Khobragade will have to appear in court, means the indictment against her will now have to filed before or on January 13. It was issued late yesterday.

"We are considering our options," Khobragade's lawyer Daniel Arshack told PTI when asked about the request for extending the indictment deadline being denied by the judge. He did not elaborate.

However, sources said one of the options Khobragade, 39, now has is to file another motion in court seeking extension of the indictment deadline and preliminary hearing.

In her order, magistrate judge Sarah Netburn of the US district court for the southern district of New York said adjournment of the date will not grant her the "relief she seeks" regarding plea negotiations between her and the government to resolve the visa fraud case.


DMG said...

Quite frankly I think her, her family, the maid and all of her family need to take this beef BACK to New Delhi. Everybody is trying to get over.

DMG said...

Well, at least US forces circa 2018 will be able to take R&R relatively close to home when the drug cartels are designated as terrorists, and we are invited in to "secure" Mexican oil platforms.

CNu said... Indian Diplomat to Leave U.S. After Visa Fraud Indictment

DMG said...

I wonder how Khobragade's caste plays into this.

CNu said...

Of course that's a factor. This whole kerfluffle has afforded India a convenient valve for directing intense internal social class/race/caste pressures outward - venting them harmlessly against America. If you spend any time reading Indian dailies, you'll see the question of merit and access is a steady drumbeat in the Indian press. There are a limited number of seats as you approach the middle and proceed higher up in that social hierarchy. There is an ocean of humans pressing, straining, jockeying for a better seat, higher-up, and issues of fairness seeth and abound. Because of that fact, the future is exceedingly bright for this token New Delhi house negroe....,

The young, nouveau arriviste (doesn't that picture speak a thousand words?) stands in jarring contrast with the ocean still bound up in traditional culture.

Nakajima Kikka said...

Especially since by that time oil production out of both the Bakken and Eagle Ford shales will have already peaked.

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