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Prof. Joyce M: Advanced Seminar on American Political Science

When I was a boy, my parents took me to an address given at Century II auditorium by the late great New York congresswoman Shirley Chisholm. I remember that lecture because the Hon.Sis.Congresswoman was a riveting, direct, and powerful voice - competent and wise in a way that hasn't been observed on the American political scene for quite some time. I haven't heard her kind of intelligent, wise, and compassionate political discourse in a very long time, until lately that is.....,

I have been reading the DOJ website for years and have a different perspective. It is true that President Obama has deported more people than any prior president and audited more businesses. But, in Texas, that meant jobs for black people that were previously held by illegal aliens.

When you deport nearly 400,000 a year, some jobs are going to open up. When you send the employers to jail and levy fines--they get the message. Most of the positive changes have come through the Justice Department as congress is not willing to cooperate. &

The financial collapse was caused mostly by mortgage fraud. For many years there were warnings that over 60% of mortgages were for investment property. In the past, investors bought property for cash at auctions, rehabbed them and put them up for sale or rent. Because government housing vouchers allowed the residents getting them to live anywhere that passed inspection--people got the idea of taking out mortgages on homes (sometimes in bulk) and paying the mortgages with money from the government. But, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Mixed in the neighborhood with the working poor who just wanted a decent home, were the thuggies. The thuggies who often find shelter with lonely desperate women, trashed the homes and ran others from the neighborhoods. Other people lied on their loan applications, hoping to make money as real estate prices rose. Still others committed deliberate fraud with the help of apraisers and mortgage brokers. Then those investment were sold. And the banks were caught with a lot of bad debt. Most people don't realize that AIG insured those gambles. Even people who didn't own the investments could insure them. Everybody panicked on the way down.

I was looking at a bank stock, when my husband bought me my weekly copy of Barrons.(before Murdock) Their roundtable said GET OUT OF THE STOCK MARKET! I told my husband, but he hesitated until he saw the losses on his 401K statement. I found 14 stocks that didn't lose money and paid their dividends during the meltdown. I also took a chance on corporate debt at Barron's advice. But, after a while, my hubbie got nervous and asked me to cash out. I saw Apple at $6.00 a share and was just getting ready to push the buy button with an option to continue to buy at that price when my husband told me he didn't want to lose $600.00. In the intervening time, I realized that you could actually make money during bad times if you don't have a lot of money to invest. And I still have the stock I bought at $0.16 a share which is today at $3.87 a share. So what is my point? My point is...instead of bemoaning Wall Street--learn how to work it to your advantage. I can trade for $4.95 a trade and $0.65 a contract + $4.95 for options. I have bought my daughter money on investing and given her money to save for the day she starts to trade for herself. The lie continues to circulate that no one was prosecuted in the mortgage mess. It doesn't bother me that the President went to Columbia and Harvard or that he was a professor. I heard a union for the workers who make auto parts that whenever they had a complaint about Chinese imports breaking trade or intellectual property laws, the Whitehouse was on their side.

A lot of what ailes black America is the negative attitude of many of our sisters as they feel that they are "outsiders". Many have felt angry at being part of what they see as a permanent hated subculture that they can't escape. What has been the result--they allow themselves to be used and abused and Amen every immoral thing a black man does. Now, I see them proud and starting to fight back.

Presidents come and presidents go, but whatever one might think of the President and he is the President of the United States with Congress making the rules....he and his wife have instilled pride in many of our people who didn't have it before. Although some people may not like it, he has shown many people of foreign origin that black people in this country, do count and are not the hated permanent underclass the media led everyone to believe.


Joyce M said...

I would say yes. Lawrence is also a sensible person. My husband is not interested in long winded dissertations about things that he feels don't concern him. Ed spoke to him in a language and about concerns that a working Joe could relate to. My best friend is blind and she relies on me to read the government websites to keep her abreast on issues that concern her. She retired because of a serious medical condition and has medicare and her employer's health insurance. Hearing about the Medicare fraud arrests made her feel better that the program will be there for her in the future. Many people would check the ICE or news reports about companies audited and apply for the open jobs. And this little goodie was news to many. I knew that President Obama would not get a fair hearing in the media. So, I looked elsewhere to see what his administration was doing. Under normal circumstances because of the well known business cycle of durable goods, GM would have most likely been granted a private bridge loan. But, these were not normal circumstances as the lenders needed loans themselves. GM paid back their loan early and the moved saved jobs in an economically depressed state. And why not help save GM. GM helped save America during WWII and we know who was on the other side. The arrangement for Fiat to buy shares of Chrysler has allowed Fiat to remain solvent as most of their profit comes from Chrysler. At the height of the financial meltdown, Citigroup went to $1.00 a share and was threatened with delisting. They floated corporate debt at a very high interest rate.(tempting) Then they did a 10-1 reverse split, sharing the beejebus out of even me. They have reversed the reverse split and now hovering around $50.00 share. So, investing can be a lot like gambling. If more people realized that, maybe they would eschew the card games and casinos and just go to an online broker.

Joyce M said...

Nerdy Wonka ‏@NerdyWonka20m
House votes 238-188 to block Pres. Obama from transferring 56 cleared for release Gitmo detainees to Yemen. Emoprogs: "OBAMA'S FAULT!"

Dale Asberry said...

Well Joyce, I work on a Medicare Fraud software detection system for the CMS and can say that I'm doing my part to eliminate fraud as well.

FYI, almost ALL Medicare/Medicaid fraud is committed by the millionaire doctors and device manufacturers and not the poor folk who depend on it, as they are often mischaracterized.

Joyce M said...

We had a fire at a private clinic here and the firemen found charts, fake x-rays and prescriptions already made out.

Joyce M said...

Chris Hayes must be on hallucinogenic mushrooms, really

via twitter:

Christopher Hayes ‏@chrislhayes

Maybe the NSA should bring in Kanye as a consultant on data security: …

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Nerdy Wonka ‏@NerdyWonka

Oh hush @chrislhayes. Read before tweeting. #Yeezus leaked so your tweet makes no damn sense.

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CNu said...

ahem..., at the risk of getting a thorough whooping for sacrilege....,

Joyce M said...

This is another example of the Obama Affect--our image abroad as African Americans.

Tom said...

Family is family. And the emperor of the world is the emperor of the world.

CNu said...

lol, I feel you on this. Blood is infinitely thicker than symbolism