Monday, June 10, 2013

kwestin numero uno: BoozAllenHamilton black employment demographics?

So, I'm wondering to myself, "self?" 

What percentage of the Booz Allen Hamilton workforce is black?

Cause, well, you know - as a military contractor, (intelligence industrial complex to be exact) they've got certain regulatory quotas they've got to meet.

I'm saying to myself, "self?" 

Why'na phuk during the height of black nationalist foment in the U.S., when the first and arguably greatest barrier crossing brothers and sisters went to work in everything from the national nuclear security adminstration, to bell labs, to the NSA - why were there NEVER any such breaches of security?

But now, when hiring practices are outsourced to 3rd party private entities, (is that because you can't possibly train up a federal, general schedule work force in the type of massively scalable open source technologies?), or, because you can gerrymander employment in that space through private auspices such that black folk never receive consideration - that now you wind up with the human capital management nightmare that GED, parents worked for the Feds, SNOWDEN comprises?

Somebody with more perspicacious online query skills look into this one for me please? I need not only the first line demographic, but also Booz Allen's second-tier black supply chain data, as well. 

Finally, I'd like to know whether the has been providing mimetic cover for these busters for some time now, as well. Inquiring minds want to know, I want to know....,


Joyce M said...

News Flash--it has been reported that Edward Snowden has been arrested in Hawaii. The Carlyle Group reported made 2 billion off Booze Allen

CNu said...

laser-focus always appreciated..., do you think I got caught up in window-dressing and lost sight of the big picture with this thread's line of kwestioning?

Joyce M said...

This is some kind of inside job where Paul Rand thinks he can ride to the Whitehouse by getting people riled up and mad at the government. He is calling Snowden a hero. But, Rand's colleagues will hold hearings soon on the security debacle. Some people are even hailing Manning a hero, despite the fact that Manning released all the personal and financial information of members of the armed forces serving in Iraq and that information was later found in Bin Laden's lair by Seal Team 6. Snowden and Manning are fools and could go to prison for the rest of their lives. Meanwhile their handlers, Glenn Greewald and Juilian Assange are celebrities. Snowden should have not had the job in the first place--someone called in some favors.

All the fake scandals are coming in at the same time. But, they are not doing any damage to the president, including this one: I believe this is an attempt to take the Senate in 2014 in order to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act. It could also be an attempt to give cover to Republicans that support immigration "reform". Most republicans and even many democrats do not want amnesty for illegal aliens. They want deportation and the strengthening of border security. Scandalabra has obscured positive achievements by the Whitehouse like new help for the mentally ill, the signing of the equal pay bill and the achievements of the Justice Department in reducing crime and bring to justice people who have long escaped punishment because they were white.

Of course, there are several "reporters" who claim to have been working with Snowden since January. That would mean he took the job with the intention of releasing the data. One of the "reporters" is making the television political talk show rounds in the U.S. The talking head is paid by the libertarian Cato Institute, calls Brazil home (he is in a relationship with a Brazilian man) and writes for the UK's Guardian.(which is well known for it's extensive use of CCTV cameras throughout the country, including the use of face recognition software to scan crowds.)

CNu said...

Snowden should have not had the job in the first place--someone called in some favors.



There's actually a very interesting discussion to be had concerning the extent to which the GS system promotes and preserves incumbents without regard to the actual skill sets of the same. I heard a story on NPR yesterday afternoon in which this specific topic, i.e., subject matter expertise and programming skill with scalable UNIX (LINUX) was the basis for his jump from security guard to CIA IT weenie.

My interwoven point with this is, if the GS system impairs/impedes the recruitment and retention of necessary fresh skill sets, then that system needs to be massively overhauled, rather than circumvented by this massive outsourcing of federal jobs to a newly minted intelligence industrial complex, whose participants don't have to uphold the same types of hiring and review standards that the federal agencies would have to do.

I'm far less concerned about the Paul angle to this story unless Paul is a proxy for Koch and the elite challenge to the establishment that the Koch machinery represents. If there's some way to tie Snowden back to that..., then we're cooking with gas!

Joyce M said...

The main puppet master that has been making the rounds and helping Snowden is affiliated and has been paid by the Cato Institute. Glenn Greenwald

CNu said...

Ohh sookie, sookie now...., THAT'S what I'm talkin bout!!! The nexus which has the Kochs squaring off against the elite machinery of the state is epic!

One more time and with real feeling, welcome to the spot Joyce. Far more impressed with you than I am with myself...,

Joyce M said...

Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week. LOL