Friday, June 14, 2013

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shtf | Something is wrong. Very, very wrong.

Our economy is, as it has been for many years, on the brink of collapse. They may not have announced it officially just yet, but recent data suggest that we are most certainly in another recession (we may never have actually gotten out of the first one). While official statistics indicate there is very mild economic growth, the fact is that the growth is coming from monetary expansion driven by the Fed. As more money is slammed into the system prices rise, forcing consumers to pay more for everything from food to stocks. This, in the eyes of the government is growth. In reality, however 55% of America’s wealth has been vaporized in the last five years, a quarter of American households are on food stamps, and consumers are tapped out.

In the middle east, things are heating up, with Russia having deployed their Pacific Fleet to the region, and the US putting boots on the ground in Syria as recently as this week.

On the political front, we have the President of the United States, his administration and his subordinates at domestic intelligence agencies, the IRS, the Pentagon and the Justice Department embroiled in scandals and activities that have even their most ardent supporters questioning what is really going on behind closed doors.
Yes, something is wrong. But no one is talking – at least not in an official capacity.

Thus, we are left to connect the dots ourselves with the help of various sources made available through alternative media.

We certainly can’t expect government officials to openly admit that some very bad things have happened, are happening and will likely happen in the future. But there are those inside the halls of our most hallowed and respected institutions that risk their lives to get information out so that we can be prepared for what may well be coming down the pike.

We can downplay anonymous sources and pretend like this is all made up, or, we can simply look around and see what’s going on in the world and put two-and-two together.


Joyce M said...

There are more people on foodstamps because the eligibility requirements have changed. Also, a lot of jobs were lost during the financial meltdown. States are refusing to extend unemployment benefits. In my state, there was an extended holiday for business who were supposed to pay unemployment insurance premiums to the state. If you lose your job, the state of Texas will likely deny you benefits. Employers even say a person was fired for good cause, when they were really laid off.

As for any possibility of mission creep in Syria....

And as for the NSA story:

and the IRS story:

For those that are really worried, I recommend this book:

Five acres in the country ought to do it. Oh, and I have the book.

Dale Asberry said...

You don't need five acres... half an acre with a greenhouse in a temperate environment should cover all your food needs for a 6 person family!

CNu said...

What faction of the elite establishment does William Jefferson Clinton speak for, and, how much at odds are they with the Brookings cabal which produced and supports the current administration?

Joyce M said...

The book I talked about does have a plan for one acre. I saw this article for cold weather growing.

Dale Asberry said...

If you ever get that land and need any assistance, just give me a holler.

Joyce M said...

I will. In about two years or sooner. I am watching the pattern of drought. There is land in Huntsville, Texas or we may move to a state like Virginia.

Joyce M said...

The Lee Atwater faction. Remember the "fairy tale" remark that changed the course of history and turned black Clinton voters into Obama voters before heading into South Carolina during the primaries? If you haven't seen it, it's free at Hulu, but has commericals.

Dale Asberry said...

No worries about the drought thing... Greening the Desert