Thursday, July 30, 2020

So Much Contradictory Coronavirus Pandemic Data Suppressed By Mainstream Media

pjmedia |  If you listen to the mainstream media (and I don’t recommend it) it’s safe to say you’re probably not getting a balanced picture of the USA’s coronavirus situation. They go for the headlines, the stuff that looks bad, in the hopes they can pin everything on Trump, or deflect criticism from Cuomo in New York, and generally make people afraid. But there’s a lot of stuff happening that doesn’t make it into the headlines or is ignored. So, I’ve compiled some graphs, charts, etc., that show you what’s been going on lately that might not be getting the attention it deserves. Some of it is good news, some of it is bad, some just puts things into context, but it all matters.

Last Saturday, I booked passage for one and all on the waaaayback machine to the earliest draft of the Panicdemic I have thus far been able to put my hands on.  Population-Consumption-Climate-Control - The .00001%'s No Lives Matter Movement  The lack of response leads me to know that nobody took the bait, followed the links, read the article and from there took the deep dive into the source material itself. The vintage on that scenario, as well as the quadrant that this panicdemic is modeled after are revelatory.


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