Sunday, October 02, 2011

good, the nytimes finally had to take notice...,

Video - Initial RT coverage of Occupy Wallstreet

NYTimes | Ever since the Arab Spring, many people here have been pining for an American Autumn. The closest we’ve gotten so far is Occupy Wall Street.

For two weeks, a “leaderless resistance movement” of a couple hundred people (depending on whom you ask) have camped out and sat-in at a tiny park in Lower Manhattan to protest greed and corruption, among other things. The protests were first called for in July by the magazine Adbusters, which calls itself “a global network of culture jammers and creatives.”

As New York Magazine reported the day before the protest began, protesters would first be meeting at Bowling Green Park for a program that included yoga, a pillow fight, and face-painting. The N.Y.P.D. thwarted those plans.

Still, it feels like a festival of frustrations, a collective venting session with little edge or urgency, highlighting just how far away downtown Manhattan is from Damascus — the hyper-aggressiveness of the police not withstanding.

It has, though, attracted institutional agitators such as Michael Moore and Cornel West, both who seem to ache for an uprising to fit the narratives of their personal discontent.

While it lacks the clarity and size — at least so far — of other protests we’ve seen in this country, let alone in other countries, it does highlight a growing sense of disillusionment among Americans and the failures and ineffectiveness they feel from the current government in addressing their concerns.