Wednesday, October 19, 2011

chris hedges: ows exposing mendacity, corruption, and decay

Video - Chris Hedges shares his thoughts on where OWS has come from and where it's headed.


umbrarchist said...

 Does the economics profession not computing and reporting the depreciation due to planned obsolescence of consumer trash have something to do with MENDACITY?

Did the United States kill 3 million Vietnamese for some BAD ALGEBRA?

How many politicians know the economics is defective?  If the text books are wrong then who knows what is right?

nanakwame said...

My nation in 1961 and I was 11

Doc have you seen the PBS on Chernobyl Zone, where the wild horses who were killed off by 1898, then placed back are thriving since after the 1986 event. Wrote an Haiku after seeing it last night.
Balance: Chernobyl Zone/Flowers, Wolves running wild/Scarcity Human


umbrarchist said...

The mutated man eating horses are coming.  Run for your lives.  LOL