Wednesday, October 19, 2011

consistency is the hobgoblin of truth

Video - Ron Paul's message to OWS "stop interventionism and end the Fed".


Dale Asberry said...

Although I have many reasons for not liking Ron Paul, ending the fed would be a good thing. So, what is it I'm missing here?

CNu said...

I don't think you're missing anything - I'm just small-mindedly emphasizing some clear cut commonalities that seem to me to transcend the increasingly specious clamor of partisan political distraction;

nanakwame said...

The notion of the Feds is a political distractions imho, especially when Technocratic want to rule the world by so-called science. I am beginning to understand more the notion of meaning less rituals for our species. 

CNu said...

lol, I love it when the magical-thinking get splattered up against the wall because of their own careless and lazy inattention to what really matters..., 

CNu said...

Science and technology are the pinnacles of human culture and achievement and the razor's edge of the evolutionary threshing blade - everything else is by comparison superfluous and ephemeral distraction...,

nanakwame said...

And you trying to prove that  to whom? What does the Feds Bank have to do with that Sir: I am lost. The study of meaning less rituals comes from science my friend.  Though it is meaning less to the universe and Life,  it has a value to us as humans since our beginning evolutionary times, and our attachment of language to the intrinsically vaules of objects, which can not really be express by us, the ritual is that of our use of language and action and how we build meme upon it and movements like the one against the Feds. Where we haven't Heuristic created something different as yet. True folks of science always say they struggle against myths (magically thinking), to reach relative truths, especially at every new discovery.

CNu said...

quoth Nana; The notion of the Feds is a political distractions
imho, especially when Technocratic want to rule the world by so-called

The Federal Reserve Bank(s) are a political creation and under no sane logical, factual, or historical construction could ever be discounted as a merely political distraction.

On the other hand, the preposterous, medieval, and theocratic assertion that "technocrats" want to rule the world by "so-called" science is CLEARLY and indisputably a TOTAL political distraction and fraud.

That statement absolutely exemplifies the kind of issues, events, and personalities ephemera that I chiefly despise. It is precisely that sort of ignorant and parasitic blather that has led directly to the Haiti-anization of the hood, filling it up with churches and liquor stores, and multi-generational irresponsibility.

nanakwame said...

What a leap my friend , what a leap.  You sound almost like techno-ascetic.
1) You are the one who which I agree talked about nationalizing  banks - yes or no? And in many ways the banks are international connected now, more than in the 1920's when this meme became an American phenomena. The Feds plays the part of  a Nationalist Institution and imho should be critiqued as such. 
From the beginning of the human, certain rituals begot and has reached social-politics even in a bright person like me. Of course you feel exempted. And we play out every day for we must converse.
For the far-right and their unity with anarchist, the Feds is a distraction, for very few are talking about the rise of irrationality even among the so-called educated, which help to bring fascism into Germany. (Arendt)
2) If you feel that there are no technocratic  Authoritarianism who are mirrors of the Clergy in Religion then I don't know what to say. You pretend that I am so how anti-technocratic but folks here don't see the e-mails I send you on science, Live Science  is a RSS on my twitter. Religion has to be re-placed for it is a ritual of our species, how I really don't have an answer, and Science always has to be monitor given the nature on man and the State. What has happen to the poor Nabe is a longer discussion.  Even writing on the blogs are many times a meaning less ritual, but it does something for our brains. Even techno have been guilty of umbrarchist's mantra

nanakwame said...

btw - these meaning less rituals have a human purpose like Wilson's study of daughter ants who give up everything for the Queen Ant

CNu said...

The Feds plays the part of  a Nationalist Institution and imho should be critiqued as such.

lol, stop.playing.nana....,

The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE institution, the very antithesis of the nationalized banking infrastructures I applaud. It plays the part of a PRIVATE entity that has audaciously dumped multi-trillion $$$ private losses and liabilities squarely onto the backs of U.S. taxpayers.

As for the anti-science rhetoric, William Gibson got it completely right; the future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed

Tell me where I can go pick up some free money the way I can go pick up some free science?

Makheru Bradley said...

When it becomes clear that Paul is not going to win the Republican nomination, will he have the guts to run as an independent, b/c an independent is what he really is.