Saturday, July 30, 2011

outlaw conservatism in black run america

Video - Leadbelly Midnight Special

Occidental Dissent | National Review - The key to understanding Anders Breivik is that he measured himself as a man against the Knights Templar and the Teutonic Knights.

What would a Templar Knight do in this situation? I’m quite sure that Breivik wrestled with the question and followed it to the logical conclusion.

Do you know who Breivik didn’t measure himself against? The gelded little eunuchs in BRA’s media like Roger Cohen, these disgusting little cultural termites, who really are eunuchs and traitors and worms who are only fit to be thrown off the digital equivalent of the Tarpeian Rock.

Killing them is a complete waste of time. No one believes their bullshit anymore. Ridiculing them, labeling them for what they really are, and mocking them relentlessly will suffice as a solution to destroy their legitimacy – if conservatives would only do that, then men like Anders Breivik wouldn’t be forced to resort to more desperate measures. Let’s take a page out of Breivik’s book and measure ourselves against the great men of the past. Why not start with the greatest man in Western history, Caesar Augustus:

Video - Film glorifying the first Roman emperor Augustus Caesar


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