Friday, July 22, 2011


"The Plan" 1 year. 3 phases. A world of change.

Share this message with everyone you can.

PHASE 1: Better yourself. Spread the message. Be the message.

*Educate yourself on the depths of the system, the functions put it place to inhibit true freedom as well as the mechanisms within the system that motivate the masses to subconsciously accept giving up those freedoms. The structures within the system that promote division within the people of the countries of this world and the injustices that are placed upon the people.

*Spread the message. Share this video and the website with everyone you can. Make your own videos, songs, art, graffiti etc... spreading the word that we are here, the movement is taking hold. Expect us.

*Learn ways that will allow you to break free from the system. Start small and implement them in your daily lives. This will be implemented as a focus of Phase 2 as well, escalating what you have learned.

*ANON hackers - begin supporting the movement. This is a calling to all of you for the aid of this movement. Low-priority targets are your engagement. Assist with the movement and spread the message of "The Plan".

The resistance is here.
Expect us.


John Kurman said...

Oh, great, just exactly what we need right now. More utopian social engineers that are completely full of shit.

CNu said...

an how you know this wackness is not just a honeypot?

Cadeveo said...

This reminds me of the fake underground resistance in 1984 that is really run by O'Brien's secret police.  Honeypot indeed.  The Anonymous videos look way too slick.  Someone's paying for them and why should we believe it's just a bunch of anti-establishment, pro-freedom anarchist types, rather than an intelligence agency looking to entrap a large group of people?

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