Saturday, July 23, 2011

how the other side roles...,

Video - BBC report on right wing mass-murder atrocity in Norway.

CBSNews | A home-grown terrorist set off an explosion that ripped open buildings in the heart of Norway's government Friday, then went to a summer camp dressed as a police officer and gunned down youths as they ran and even swam for their lives, police said Friday.

As of early Saturday, police say at least 80 people were killed in a shooting spree at the youth camp of Norway's Labor Party. Police told reporters they had discovered many more victims after initially reporting the death toll at 10.

A police official said the 32-year-old ethnic Norwegian suspect arrested at the camp on Utoya island appears to have acted alone in both attacks, and that "it seems like that this is not linked to any international terrorist organizations at all." The official spoke on condition of anonymity because that information had not been officially released by Norway's police.

"It seems it's not Islamic-terror related," the official said. "This seems like a madman's work."

The official said the attack "is probably more Norway's Oklahoma City than it is Norway's World Trade Center." Domestic terrorists carried out the 1995 attack on a federal building in Oklahoma City, while foreign terrorists were responsible for the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

The official added, however, "it's still just hours since the incident happened. And the investigation is going on with all available resources."

TV2 Norwegian TV reported that the shooting suspect in custody has links to right wing extremism


umbrarchist said...

It's the Norwegian Al Qaeda !

It's always Al Qaeda!  It is, it is, it is!


Cadeveo said...

I couldn't see this story unfold without thinking of the Gladio Networks which were set up by OSS and CIA throughout Europe, including Norway, after WWII.  Many former Nazis and neo-Nazis were recruited as "stay behind" cells ostensibly to make up an underground resistance army in case the big bad Soviets decided to invade Western Europe.  In practice, what happened was that these intelligence-agency supported fascist paramilitary units ended up committing acts of terrorism periodically throughout Europe from the 50's all the way up to the late 80's--bombings, murders, etc., which were then summarily blamed on left-wing radical groups by the very same governments and intelligence agencies who were in cahoots with the Gladio groups.  My mind immediately goes to "Gladio groups" and "false flag" as soon as I heard about this yesterday morning, especially in light of mock bombing training exercises run by authorities in Norway in the week prior to this tragedy.  But what do I know?  I'm just a conspiracy nut...

CNu said...

Have you ever met any of this element? If so, in what context?
The quasi-theocratic lodge system that spawned the politically active traditionalist fascists are difficult to maintain over an extended period of time.

I've only ever met one, an italian gentleman, architect/engineer, very wealthy and very knowledgeable and worldly. Not exactly proselytizing, but interested in sharp young minds capable of carrying forward the belief and the work of that thing of theirs. I imagine it's very difficult and very expensive to recruit, retain, and govern young thinkers/killers, and the lesser spawn they can press into service are not really up to preserving its beliefs, practices, and discretion. 

Cadeveo said...

Once.  Beginning of the millienia.  At a "political conference" which was partially a front for our good ol', shady, sociopathic chamelion friend, Uncle Lyndon LaRouche.  I think having been pretty well-read and seeming to be passionate and able to express disenchantment with the Left put me on the radar as someone that either might think the same way or who could be brought to think the same way.  You could be right.  Who knows?  One thing, though, is that deniability of the actual agenda when out in public seemed a pretty standard part of what this guy was about.  That "code language" canard that the ADL is always seeing everywhere isn't always just some isht they say to get donations.

CNu said...

I think having been pretty well-read and seeming to be passionate and
able to express disenchantment with the Left put me on the radar as
someone that either might think the same way or who could be brought to
think the same way.

It seems they are consigned to look for increasingly rare fellow travelers, 60, 70, 80 years ago, perhaps not so rare, but nowadays, rarer than unicorns.

Cadeveo said...

Assuming for the moment that Breivik's "manifesto" isn't just wacka-doodle fantasy and bullshit, the whole new Knights Templar thing may mean that fellow travelers are slightly less rare than unicorns.  The whole idealizing of chivalric and warrior codes of medieval knights was also something that marked the writing of Julius Evola, the Italian "traditionalist" (aka esoteric intellectual fascist)--and he was definitely implicated in terrorist activities in his old-age which seem to suggest the Gladio networks.

CNu said...

I stand corrected.

Europe is wont to have a great many more literate, classically educated, and politically alive young men than we've grown accustomed to having in here in the United States of Couch Potato. 

One wonders if perhaps now, the traditionalists drop all pretensions to esoterism and endless puzzle-making, and instead break out the strong hallucinogens, if perhaps they could forge a politico-mystical cult of legendary efficacy and lethality.

Cadeveo said...

Could be.  The part that now is throwing me for a loop is the pro-Israel angle in all this.  It may just be a case of strategic support for Israel while dealing with a perceived greater threat from the Muslim world.  Evola was quite anti-semitic, but perhaps in the same way that Gladio terror in the 70's was always blamed on Left Wing radicals while the true perpetrators were the exact opposite of that, this was done in a way to suggest/imply Israeli involvement when it was the same old deep right-wing traditionalist and fascist networks.  It would certainly take care of two birds with one stone--take out a bunch of Leftists who opposed their goals while also strongly implicating and deligitimizing a percieved racial enemy.  It wouldn't be the first time in history fascists have played both sides.  Little publicized but documented fact that the Nazis cut deals with German Zionists during WWII (especially in regards to immigration to Israel) while also funding, influencing and maintaining ties with a nascent Muslim Brotherhood and early Palestinian resistance to colonization of their land by European Jews. really could be that there's a Mossad link to Brievik's terrorist attack and Israel simply relies on compliant Western media and governments to avert attention from that connection.

A cliche, of course, but we really probably will never know the truth of what went down.  All that seems certain is that whatever officially narrative is finally settled upon will be bullshit and smokescreens aimed at advancing a specific agenda while covering the asses of a lot of different factions within governments, intelligence agencies and major media organizations that at the very least have unsavory associations to hide from the common folk, if not outright crimes.

CNu said...

How could I have missed this one; Glenn Beck calls the young Norwegian shooting victims "Hitler Youth"

Cadeveo said...

I read about that!  It's kind of this standard right-wing thing, to try and tie any leftist activity with Hitler.  He basically was like, "Who does a kid's camp just for politics?"  Well, Libertarians, for one.  I know a girl who was sent to one such camp by her parents when she was in high school.  (They were themselves Libertarians.)  The so-called Objectivists of the Ayn Rand Cult, the crazy cousins of the Libertarians, also have had similar summer camps.  I don't think Beck is an ignorant guy; he's a propagandist, so I don't think he's ignorant of the above facts.  It's interesting because he condemns the shooting and the shooter he equates with Bin Laden, but at the same time he's linking the dead kids with Hitler.  So...he gets to imply, subtly, that the activities of those kids was "dangerous" while also condemning the patsy/known shooter.  I guess the public hasn't yet been led far enough down the primroad path of Beck's soft fascist rhetoric for him to come out and say the kids themselves were a danger.
It is also quite possible that the "Hitler Youth" comment is also a subtle suggestion that because the Labour Party youth had condemned the actions of the State of Israel in re: their resident second-class citizens the Palestinians, then, like Hitler, these students and their political party must, by definition, have been anti-Jewish bigots.  That's a pretty typical Isareli government  and neo-conservative ideological position.
Like it or not, though,there's a lot of cryptofascist and cryptoNazi infiltrators among the so-called patriot and independent/"right-wing" libertarian movement in the U.S.  Shit, just look at the classifieds section of the American Free Press or who some of their editorial and regional office staff are (lookin' at you, Willis Carto and Anthony Hilder) and that's pretty obvious.  As for that same phenomenon being present in Europe, who knows?  I''m dubious it would be an issue within a moderate socialist/liberal party like the Norwegian Labour Party.

Last quick note: look at the placement of the red and white GB logo on Beck's arm in the photo that accompanies that UK telegraph article you linked to; tell me that doesn't suggest a Nazi armband.  That's some subliminal suggestion right there... but whose doing the suggesting? The Telegraph or Beck?

CNu said...

"Who does a kid's camp just for politics?"  Well, Libertarians, for
one.  I know a girl who was sent to one such camp by her parents when
she was in high school.


I personally attended the Koch Bros. very own John Birch Society/Libertarian prototype school from the 7th-12th grades - and make no mistake - the Birch Society began a laserlike focus on education in the 1970's. Also attributable to them is the anti-abortion movement through the auspices of Francis Schaeffer and the Dominionist flavor of Calvinist inspired Presbyterianism, and, the fraternity of Rand inspired C-level executives who comprise the elect that get together for those Koch Bros. political retreats.

I don't think Beck is an ignorant guy; he's a propagandist, so I don't think he's ignorant of the above facts.

Yup; - and of a very particular sort, at that.

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