Friday, July 29, 2011

from neurons to nirvana


Tom said...


Here's one thing that makes me skeptical.   I'm sure you've had the experience of talking to people who smoke a lot of pot, and who are convinced it's giving them lots of insights.  But you listen to them talking about these insights, and it's not very convincing.  In my experience it usually sounds like baloney.    So there's that problem, for me.

CNu said...

I've talked to lots of people with exceptional accomplishments, responsibility, access, and exposure - who are very experienced and very high-functioning, as well.

Tom, what exactly were you talking about with these stoners that sounded like baloney? What part of their subjective experience - which you did not share - were they ineffectual at sharing with you?

Tom said...


A couple were high functioning, one was not.  I didn't hear much about the subjective experience.  What I'm complaining about is insights into technical or everyday life issues, that as far as I could see were not accurate.

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