Wednesday, July 06, 2011

greatest depression's end - preview trailer

Video - Instead of hunting down terrorist, you fight American soldiers.

WSJ | A People’s Liberation Army Type 99 battle tank trundles through a darkened forest. Moments later, a Chinese soldier takes aim with a QBZ-95 assault rifle and sends a barrage of bullets flying in the direction of what appears to be a cluster of American soldiers.

Scenes from the cutting-room floor of the ‘Red Dawn’ remake?

No, this shadowy slice of post-Cold War apocalyptica comes courtesy of “Glorious Mission,” a videogame designed to help train China’s enlisted men.

The existence of “Glorious Mission,” a first-person shooter co-developed by the PLA and Nasdaq-listed Chinese software company Giant Interactive Group, was first revealed when test footage was aired on the military channel of state-run broadcaster CCTV in May. Aside from some noteworthy parallels between the “enemy” in the game and the U.S. military–the test footage at one point shows a U.S.-made Apache helicopter being given the “Black Hawk Down” treatment–the report offered little detail on the project itself.

On Wednesday, the state-run Xinhua news agency ran a report that fills in some of those details.

Citing unnamed PLA sources, the report says the game allows a maximum of 32 people to play simultaneously, adding that the weapons and vehicles in the game are all based on actual PLA equipment.

Counter to reports that players would not be able to operate planes and aircraft, Xinhua says, “the final version will allow players to control aerial and naval combat vehicles.”


CNu said...

Do you recall the minor scandal that erupted when it was discovered that cats had the COTS codec for grabbing and using the video feeds coming off these puppies??? Sigh..., where there's a will - there's always a way Bro. Makheru.

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