Monday, July 25, 2011

black robes brought dark ages...,

Credo in unum Deum,
Patrem omnipoténtem,
Factórem cæli et terræ,
Visibílium ómnium et invisibílium.
Et in unum Dóminum Iesum Christum,
Fílium Dei Unigénitum,
Et ex Patre natum ante ómnia sæcula.
Deum de Deo, lumen de lúmine, Deum verum de Deo vero,
Génitum, non factum, consubstantiálem Patri:
Per quem ómnia facta sunt.
Qui propter nos hómines et propter nostram salútem
Descéndit de cælis.
Et incarnátus est de Spíritu Sancto
Ex María Vírgine, et homo factus est.
Crucifíxus étiam pro nobis sub Póntio Piláto;
Passus, et sepúltus est,
Et resurréxit tértia die, secúndum Scriptúras,
Et ascéndit in cælum, sedet ad déxteram Patris.
Et íterum ventúrus est cum glória,
Iudicáre vivos et mórtuos,
Cuius regni non erit finis.
Et in Spíritum Sanctum, Dóminum et vivificántem:
Qui ex Patre Filióque procédit.
Qui cum Patre et Fílio simul adorátur et conglorificátur:
Qui locútus est per prophétas.
Et unam, sanctam, cathólicam et apostólicam Ecclésiam.
Confíteor unum baptísma in remissiónem peccatorum.
Et expecto resurrectionem mortuorum,
Et vitam ventúri sæculi. Amen.

Constantine chose Christianity, and not one of the other dying god cults chosen by his predecessors. Perhaps because his mother had been a Christian, perhaps because he was attracted to the authoritarian nature of what the early bishopricks had managed to organize. Constantine planned to use the organization of the bishopricks to help him unite and control what remained of his empire. The problem was that the bishops had been disagreeing with one another since the beginning of their hustle.

Constantine's solution? He organized the first ever pan-bishoprick conference and invited all the important bishops to Nicea to ratify a common Christian playbook. No sooner had the dogmatic bishops arrived, than they began petitioning Constantine to adopt one or another of their irrelevant little creeds in preference to the others. Constantine's solution? He burned all their inconsequential petitions, asserted a unitary creed and enforced it.

A unitary and literally magical-thinking creed was composed and imposed at Nicea via a simple carrot and stick. Those bishops who signed on to Constantine's new playbook got to stay on for months of lavish entertainment as Constantine's guests, those who refused were banished from the Roman empire as criminals. The Nicene Creed was constructed by a despotic Roman emperor, imposed on the bishopricks by force, and is still mindlessly repeated in churches all across the world today.

Bishop Eusebius arrived at the Council of Nicea in opposition to the what became the creed, and he left the Council as Constantine's right-hand man. Eusebius became Constantine's biographer and wrote The Oration which praised the evil Roman as a living saint. (When Constantine returned to Rome from Nicea, he had his wife suffocated and his son murdered) You would never know this, however, from reading Eusebius.

Eusebius also wrote the hugely influential History of the Church, which history is as accurate an account of Christian origins as The Oration is an accurate portrait of Constantine. The History of the Church is a complete fiction crafted to serve the authoritarian aims of the new Holy Roman Church. Yet this complete fabrication serves as the basis of the traditional understanding of Christian history because for centuries it was all anyone had to rely upon as a source. Why? All alternative accounts of Christian origin were banned and burned.

From the 4th century forward, the Holy Roman Church (the embodiment of the Roman empire) began violently persecuting their Gnostic and Pagan rivals completely out of existence. Armed with a New Testament that repudiated heretics and an Old Testament (Tanakh) that advocated and validated scorched earth and genocide, the Holy Roman Empire enforced Constantine's Christianity with centuries of black-robed violence. Not only did the Holy Roman Empire manage to exterminate all other religions, it even managed to destroy civilization itself, plunging Europe into many centuries of the Dark Age.

The wealth of temples was plundered and shared between the emperor and his bishopricks. Priests and priestesses were murdered, temples burned and razed. Libraries were put to the torch and nearly all the literature of antiquity was destroyed. The lights of civilization went out all across Europe and the west reverted to a brutal life of apocalyptic ignorance and superstition vaguely but resonantly preserved for us in the Grimm's Faery Tales....,


Dale Asberry said...

Don't forget the nicely embedded story of how the early xtians were persecuted and how that has led to a persecution complex.

nanakwame said...

These and other early writings, such as those of Eusebius of Caesaria, provided the theological and historical justification for Church anti-Semitism, which took root after Christianity was established as the state religion. St. Ambrose, Bishop of Milan provides us with evidence of pogroms in early Christian times. In 388, a synagogue had been burned down during riots in Callinicum, a town in Mesopotamia, with the encouragement of the local bishop. The Emperor Theodosius ordered the rebuilding of the synagogue, and Ambrose protested. Rebuilding a synagogue was an act of impiety according to Ambrose, and the burning of synagogues was justified on the grounds that Jews had burnt Churches in the time of the Emperor Julian.

This added to why so many Jews found themselves in Poland. The worst of the Black Robes were The "Black Fairs" who attacked the  Cathar. In turn became the Order of the Inquistion; strange The Dominican Order are credited with " famed for its intellectual tradition" There is a great movie about their role on this side of the waters in South America.

umbrarchist said...


Neurotic European Roman Morons

Makheru Bradley said...

Every Sunday in thousands of churches people stand and read or recite the Nicene Creed like robots w/o any knowledge of the history of its origin.  Ask them to name the early church fathers who constructed the very Bible they believe in an you would get a blank stare.  

Tom said...

Growing up as a Catholic child, I was freaked out by what sound to me now like distant echoes of all this.  The authoritarianism, the open antisemitism of a few, the absolute passivity of the group in the face of the antisemitism, then reading accounts of the 'conversions' in Latin America.  It's hard to free the mind, but I don't think these things are the actions of an organization that has good as its standard.

umbrarchist said...

Tom said...

Well, I like Marty Feldman a lot better than Tom Lehrer. 

Big Don said...

Christianity has definitely made great forward strides...

Uglyblackjohn said...

But Craig - If we cannot even handle the most basic teachings are we ready to handle the responsibilty of any real truth?
Or - Are we flawed because our doctrines are based on a flawed model?

CNu said...

It's all been a pack of lies Uncle John.

Folks are able to handle a whole lot more than they're given credit for by ecclesiastical and secular elites who seek to maintain a governance monopoly not only on the use of force, but also on the varieties of conscious experience. Fundamental reason there's a worldwide prohibition on powerful entheogens. If people were to once again begin jointly and directly experiencing the actual eucharist in liturgical communion with one another (the Mysteries), having direct transpersonal experiences that were the foundation of their beliefs and practices, you would witness an unprecedented surge forward in human consciousness and morality.

Interestingly, the only well-known and public remnants of actual eucharist/Mystery are Mardi Gras and Carnival - and you probably know first hand to what a low level of degeneracy these vestigial traces of the real deal have sunk. There is scant little gnostic church left in these municipal debauchery fests.

There is a reason Rome and the Church of Rome hunted gnostic Christians and so-called Pagans into near extinction, and it has nothing to do with the evil and fraudulent defamations and aspersions made against these practitioners of entheogenic real truth.

Uglyblackjohn said...

So if given the choice between the Truth and the more popular lies - more people would choose Truth and real freedom?
But this would topple the whole most institutions and reduce wealth to one of many possible measures of success?

CNu said...

So if given the choice between the Truth and the more popular lies - more people would choose Truth and real freedom?

lol, stop playing...,

If the "authorities" gotta get all psychotico-dramatical like this in order to keep people away from "Truth" - what you think?!?!?!?!

But this would topple the whole most institutions and reduce wealth to one of many possible measures of success?

mmm, hmm...., all kinds of "authority" would be open to question and the men in black can't have anything like that going on, now can they?

nanakwame said...

Interesting thoughts

I separate religious rituals from Theocracy, if religion was not here; we would have to invent some other name. For the world is cold and faith has a place. imho

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