Tuesday, July 26, 2011

murdoch backed hacking behind climategate

WhatsNew | Called "Screws of the World" for its focus on celebrity sex scandals, the British tabloid was the top selling English-language newspaper in the world when owner Rupert Murdoch permanently closed the paper two weeks ago, citing its role in the British phone-hacking scandals. Why do I not believe the worlds best selling newspaper was closed because it used improper methods to get a story? It was a tabloid for God's sake! Something much bigger had to be going on here. On 20 Nov 09, just two weeks before the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change, a server was breached at the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia in the UK. Hackers posted thousands of private e-mails and computer files on the web for the world to see. Climate skeptics claimed the hacked emails showed climate scientists manipulating data. They showed nothing of the sort. Nevertheless, the Copenhagen Summit was held in the shadow of an ongoing investigation into groundless charges. The media focused on the victim: the Climate Unit at the U. of East Anglia. "Who did the hacking," WN asked?. The only crime was breaking into private files, but the media made scant effort to find out who did it. For the next eight months neither the media nor Scotland Yard made any attempt to identify the hackers. WN never let up asking. Now we find it was Rupert Murdoch who was behind the climate gate hacking, having added Scotland Yard to his empire.