Thursday, March 26, 2020

Even MORE Fascinating When Shit Don't...., (Run Downhill That Is)

nola |  Toilet paper shortages – and hoarding – during the coronavirus outbreak have apparently led to the clogging of New Orleans area sewer pipes, as residents have increasingly turned to nonflushable paper in the bathroom. 

The Sewerage & Water Board said Friday it has been dealing with more sewer backups than normal, and urged residents to "think before they flush." 

"As a reminder, only human waste and toilet paper are flushable," an S&WB spokeswoman said. "Baby wipes, paper towels, and even 'flushable' wipes may clog your sewer line and cause overflows." 

The Jefferson Parish sewerage officials said the same thing this week. Residents living in apartments and other concentrated areas need to be especially careful. 

The backups come as New Orleans area grocers have struggled in recent weeks to keep toilet paper in stock. Shoppers at Walmart, Rouses and elsewhere have been seen filling entire carts with the toilet paper packages that have been placed on shelves.

Others seeking the household staple have had to go without. The scenario has led to physical fights in some stores, and now, to sewer backups.