Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Trump's Hair (Good Fun/Deserved) vs. Waters' Hair (Sexism, Racism, Hate)

WaPo |  The first known published description of Donald Trump’s hair, as an entity that deserved its own description, was mild. “His sandy hair is probably a bit long by standards of the corporate world,” read a 1984 newspaper profile of the then-38-year-old mogul. “With the sides slicked back just a bit.”

Three decades later, describing the headstuff of the leading Republican presidential candidate has been elevated to an art form. Is is swirled or swooped? Animal or vegetable? (Mineral?) Burnt sienna or orange Creamsicle?  Last week Gawker published an extensive investigation asserting that the whole concoction might actually be a $60,000 weave.

 Fist tap Rohan