Thursday, March 02, 2017

Bioaccoustic Biology?

soundhealthinc |  Welcome to The Journal of BioAcoustic Biology (JBAB), sponsored by the Sound Health Research Institute, Inc., a duly recognized exempt organization (SHRI). This Journal has been established in response to the calls for a peer-reviewed venue for the publication of articles and practice notes on the subject of Human BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling and Sound Presentation. 

The SHRI trustees responded by adopting, as part of the Credentials System sponsored by the Institute, authorization for the establishment of this Journal. According to the enabling Resolution, “The Journal publishes in the area of Human BioAcoustics as established by the research initiated by Sharry Edwards…” articles and practice notes subject to the oversight of the Peer Review Subcommittee. The general Peer Review Standards can be found under the JBAB links to the right. 

Our Premier Public Issue features a seminal article on the Theory of Human BioAcoustics. This issue was prepared by the Journal staff under the direction of Ms. Edwards. This issue represents the first public issue of a Journal that has been privately published since 1995. 

The Research Reports published in the Journal have had any specific Frequencies referenced redacted (and usually replaced with the musical note in which the Frequency occurs). The Reports are intended to provide brief introductions to ongoing research.