Friday, October 24, 2014

the ebola epidemic in West Africa has U.S. biowarfare programs written all over it.

washingtonsblog |  WASHINGTON’S BLOG: You said recently that laboratories in West Africa run by the Centers for Disease Control and Tulane University are doing bioweapons research.  What documentary evidence do you have of that?

You mentioned that a map produced by the CDC shows where the laboratories are located on the West Coast of Africa?

DR. FRANCIS BOYLE:  Yes. They’ve got one in Monrovia [the capital of Ebola-stricken Liberia] … one in Kenema, Sierra Leone [the third largest city in the Ebola-hotzone nation], which was shut down this summer because the government there believed that it was the Tulane vaccines which had set this whole thing off.

And then they have another one in Guinea, where the first case [of Ebola] was reported.

All of these are labs which do this offensive/defensive biowarfare work. 

And Fort Detrick’s USAMRIID [the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases] has also been over there. So it’s clear what’s been going on there.

CDC has a long history of doing biowarfare work. I have them doing biowarfare work for the Pentagon in Sierra Leone as early 1988.

WASHINGTON’S BLOG:   And how do you know that? Have you seen official documents?

DR. FRANCIS BOYLE:  An official government document: the Biological Defense Research Program, May 1988.  I analyzed it in my book, Biowarfare and Terrorism.

It’s clear that [the U.S. bioweapons researchers] were using Liberia to try to circumvent the Biological Weapons Convention.  And CDC – for years – has been up to its eyeballs in biowarfare work.

They always try to justify the development of offensive biological weapons by claiming it’s being done for “defensive” purposes.  That’s just a lie … and it’s always been a lie.

It’s been the case on Ebola and just about every other biowarfare agent you can think of.

WASHINGTON’S BLOG:  Does that type of research violate the Biological Weapons Convention?

DR. FRANCIS BOYLE: Well, of course! It also violates the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act [which Boyle drafted], which was passed unanimously by both houses of the United States Congress and signed into law by President Bush, Senior.

That Act creates life in prison for this type of “Dr. Menegle” type work.

WASHINGTON’S BLOG:  And Obama recently said – as quoted in the New York Times article – that he’s “curtailing” this type of defensive research, or putting it on hold.

Do you believe him?

DR. FRANCIS BOYLE:  That’s the smoking gun, right there. Read that article [the New York Times article quoted above, which notes "a sudden change of heart by the Obama administration" about labs creating ever-deadlier versions of germs which are already lethal].  

The reason they’ve stopped it is to cover themselves, I think, because they know that this type of work was behind the outbreak of the [Ebola] pandemic in West Africa.

But that’s an admission right there, de facto.


Dale Asberry said...

I'm not seeing anything here that the conspiracy theorists haven't been bandying about for awhile now...

CNu said...

I don't do rense and infowars because of all the drek. What changed here, for me at least, was the more credible commentary coming out of Francis Boyle - and pursuing the threads that he set forth. imoho, a lot of effort is going toward "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" in the machinery of consensus illusion at this moment.

It was an exceedingly inconvenient unintended consequence to have Thomas Eric Duncan show up in Dallas in September. So much popular light and heat now being channeled through these interwebs toward shadowy operations that only "conspiracy theorists" had taken a hanker to over the previous 15 years or so.

It will be an even more inconvenient event if this heat and light can't be quelled and redirected pretty soon. Roaches gotta get back under the baseboards before their whole infrastructural ecology gets treated to the harsh light of day.

rohan said...

yeah man, get your shit together! Time for you to start talkin-bout ISIS and acid-throwing in Isfahan and the savagery of global Islam - which needs to be bombed back into the stone age - rather than talking about mother fuckers who operate 120 bioweapons labs employing thousands of "scientists" all over the world!

rohan said...

This just in

Dale Asberry said...

Hence the naked emporer tag on the Boyle post. Gotcha, I stepped over the dot-connecting...

Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother CNu:

As a Black man - watching the events in Africa while noting your conspiracy theories:

1) Do you recommend I continue contributing my money to "Doctors Without Borders" as they are on the ground in West Africa saving lives? Or should I withhold it?

2) What should I make of the UNITED STATES' GOVERNMENT and their insertion of medical personnel, military logistics coordinators and monies in support of this Ebola effort

3) Should I trust that Barack Obama - with direct ancestry from Africa is working in Africa's best interests - as proven by his support from Black Americans?

4) When I hear the 3 African presidents asking for help - should I turn my head the other way?

5) Does knowing THAT you are being attacked by biological agents translate into competency to DEFEND AGAINST THE ATTACK - or are you pacified in your knowledge that "You Know Who Is Doing This?"

Please advise.

CNu said...

1. I could not possibly care less what you do with your money.

2. That they have interests to protect and unlike Cuba which has sent physicians they have sent soldiers to do what soldiers do.

3. rotflmbao....,

4. I could not possibly care less which way you turn your head.

5. Yes!

class dismissed.....,

Dale Asberry said...

Re: 5) -- clearly ConFeed isn't nearly depressed enough about The Ebola.

CNu said...

So, in mulling this over further this morning, one doesn't realistically expect a middle-class/political-class managerial type selectee to go toe-to-toe with the type of psychopathological billionaire elite(s) who fund and sustain this particular type of work. They literally have the means to cause HUGE problems for nation-states.

It would take a very special type of political leader to truly go toe-to-toe with one of these, and have realistic prospects for survival.

In point of fact, I suspect that this is precisely why the more moderate and/or humane elites don't leap to the task of reigning in their psychopath confederates, because that type of conflict destroys wealth, is stressful and dangerous and most probably want no part of it.

Now that corporatism is in full effect, including under the rule of law and international law, these vicious elements will truly be off the chain. Think Baron Vladimir Harkonnen as a fictionalized model.

BigDonOne said...

You know, the Ferguson grand jury is on the verge of acquitting Officer Wilson. And when they do, the whole place is going to go totally apeshit.

Here is a good plan to stop the demonstrators-rioters cold in their tracks. You get a team of moon-suited officers with ominous-looking insect sprayers on their backs (which are actually filled with pure water). Then, as the spraying commences, announce loudly on bullhorns that demonstrators/rioters will be getting sprayed with concentrated Ebolas Virus.

The kinds of folks inclined to demonstrate/riot are just iq75 stupid enough to believe something like that and hastily clear out.......

CNu said...

lol@BDO - if I recall correctly, you flunked this class two months ago

BigDonOne said...

Well, not so fast there CNu...this following is absolutely a 'First.' You simply cannot make this stuff up. Public school employees especially take note:
School to be cancelled for Black Mob Violence --->

CNu said...

School security tends to be comprised of licensed "peace" overseers, they're responsible for the school safety and security plans, so it follows naturally that they would march in lockstep with their brethren overseers. The more interesting question going begging here has to do with the collapse of safety and security in urban school districts since the advent of metal detectors and uniformed and armed security. Since the early-mid 80's when these goons were deployed in urban public school districts (the model for TSA goons in airports) and teachers and administrators denied the tried and true method of putting their hands on unruly kids in favor of this "outsourcing" - the schools have declined precipitously. (If I recall correctly, Ferguson Florrisant is an unaccredited and wholly collapsed school district.)

Not surprising. When you "greet" children, including adolescent children first thing in the morning with a pat down and search of their belongings, it sets the tone and the climate for the rest of the school day. Interestingly, they don't perform these overseer rituals in the majority of suburban school districts, like say the one in Washington where a boy shot kids and himself in the cafeteria.

BigDonOne said...

@WA school shooting...Hey, that was an orchestrated False Flag incident to drum up more liberal oppressive support for I-594 Anti-Gun measure on the Nov. WA ballot - 18 pages of oppressive 2nd-Amendment-violating legislation that you won't know what's really in it until you pass it.....

Drew said...

I had really hoped I wasn’t going to have to write this post. Yesterday, Marcy emailed me a link to a Washington’sBlog post that breathlessly asks us “Was Ebola Accidentally Released from a Bioweapons Lab In West Africa?” Sadly, that post relies on an interview with Francis Boyle, whom I admire greatly for his work as a legal scholar on bioweapons. My copy of his book is very well-thumbed. But Boyle and WashingtonsBlog are just wrong here, and it takes only seconds to prove them wrong.


Naive Tom said...

Ugh. I just accidentally upvoted this Reputation Management post, going for the "..." at the end.

Drew said...

The point was that yes the US and Russia have researched weaponizing Ebola, but

1) they have seen limited success
2) gain of function often leads to loss of function
3) peer reviewed articles have generally concluded the current strands have mutated from previous strands observed in the wild

The Scientific American and the Federatoon of American Scientists have generally reached similar conclusions:

Sorry if the elipses were misleading, the intent was to denote more information was in the article without over posting. Weaponizez Ebola is possible and has been studied, but most expertise in the public domain indicates it currently remains impractical.

Drew said...

One more listing of articles and I am done: - military says Ebola may be ineffective - group of virologists says may be ineffective

Russia definitely researched this, and the US has for strictly "defensive" purposes. There is always some probability, but the cost, difficulty, effectivity, and virulence make it seem improbable and irrational.

This with the fact that empirical evidence (studying of the involved strands) does not seem to suggest it.

CNu said...

The Hon.Bro.Dr. Charles R. Drew I presume? How droll....,

CNu said...

Damn and just damn..., I thought we'd already covered the topic of sensibly framing "weaponization". An infected blanket is a perfectly viable smallpox warhead. It's not necessary to have a robust, aerosolizable microbe like the bacillus which causes anthrax or smallpox for that matter.

Hell, a xenomorph on a spaceship is one helluva hypothetical bioweapon in context, isn't it?

So also ebola in a megacity predominated by slums with a medical practitioner and medical supplies ration of less than 1 to 1000 human population. One sick two-year old is one helluva warhead in that context, right?

Do we all get the rudimentary framing that takes us out of the realm of infantry just-so storytelling?

CNu said...

The Sci-Am article is too stoopid for words, I quote:National security and infectious disease experts agree the obstacles to a
large-scale assault with Ebola are formidable. For starters, a
bioterrorist would have to obtain the virus and be able to grow a
massive supply in large vats, an extremely costly endeavor. While the
virus is easily spread through personal contact with the bodily fluids
of an infected person, it would be difficult to manipulate and control.
Put simply, a large amount of Ebola in the hands of a rogue group would
more likely end up killing the plotters than making it to the endgame
of a bioterrorism mission. To be successful, “it would take a state-type
[agent]" with more extensive resources, Anthony Fauci, the director of
the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told a
Congressional committee last week.Put simply, kidnapping and transporting one cute, cuddly, infected little two year old girl is ALL you need to do in order to spark up a pandemic. Boko Haram absconds with three hundred teenaged girls at a single whack.

But I digress, and in a particularly silly direction, at that. Boko Haram doesn't operate 120 bioweapons labs scattered all across the globe and specifically doesn't operate any bioweapons labs in the three poor little west african countries that ground zero for the present catastrophic outbreak which we're supposed to believe migrated 2200 miles from east africa and through one or more zootropic leaps into its current virulent form?

GTFOH with that asinine nonsense. Let's assume I catch you creeping around my estate quacking at 3:00 in the morning in a duck costume. You say "trick or treat, I'm just playing". I still empty three clips into your walks like, talks like, and acts like a guilty phugging duck tail and go back inside and sleep like a baby. I'm not even interested in anything you might have to say about why you were there, what you were doing, and what your intentions and motivations might have been.

Everything else is pudding-headed conversation.....,

rohan said...


Vic78 said...

I don't think Liberians will believe anyone telling them Ebola's ineffective.

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