Friday, October 24, 2014

please help a brotha out: wtf feed talkin-bout?

withintheblackcommunity |  Remember that compliment I gave to you when I was in Ethiopia last week about your handling of the Ebola situation?

I was in the airport in South Africa when I streamed your video of the (White) lady and I noticed that SINCE she was ONLY talking about "Ebola" from the perspective of the DEFENSE OF THE UNITED STATES and AMERICAN POLITICS - and didn't GIVE A DAMN about the condition of West Africans - that her views - affirmed by you - must represent YOUR VIEWS.

Please allow me to take my compliments about your handling about Ebola back.

I didn't understand your "riddle" of a response at the time.

But now everything seems perfectly clear.


1) IT IS IRRELEVANT WHO (which entity) created the Ebola virus and set it loose in West Africa - the symbolic homeland that the AMERICANIZED NEGRO was stolen away from through American Chattel Slavery

2) The ONLY thing that matters is the COMPETENCIES to DEFEND AGAINST this "Genetic Warfare Agent" on the ground where it is ravaging the people, their HOPE and their INSTITUTIONS

3) The key distinguishing feature of MY "Conspiracy Model", however, is my inspection of the REACTIONS BY THE AMERICANIZED NEGRO:

*** After years of bringing up the "Fidel/Che (Cuba) went to Africa to fight White supremacy and provide medical care - the AMERICAN COUP IN LIBYA and related CIA insurgency and Drone bombings did not compel these same operatives (your buddy Dr Spence for example) to protest the most recent American actions - defining the personas of "good and evil" as they did in the past.

********INSTEAD when "EBOLA" came to bear -THEN they spoke up about "Africa" and the "Cubans sending medical doctors to fight in Africa"

*** After HURRICANE KATRINA in which the HUDDLED MASSES of the Americanized Negro was presented for the world to see at the "SuperDome" and "The Morial Convention Center" this crisis was framed as AMERICAN (Right-Wing Government) benign Neglect

******YET to-damned-day WHEN the Americanized Negro heard that up to 1.4 MILLION AFRICANS might be dead by February 2015 - THIS WAS NOT POWERFUL ENOUGH of a bit of INFORMATION to have the NEGRO LEADERS suspend their AMERICAN CAPITALISTIC POLITICAL OPPORTUNISTIC CAMPAIGNING for the American Mid-Term Elections in which they vow - via LIFE AND LIMB to defeat the WHITE RIGHT-WING ENEMY - and look across the SLAVE TRADE ROUTES of the ATLANTIC at the DESPERATE NEED OF THEIR "BLACK ANCESTORS"

***********The very same ancestors that Dr Henry Louis Gates induced them to purchase a DNA CHEEK SWAB TEST to determine their "West African Slave Ancestry"

*********** EXCEPT THIS TIME they turned away from the NEEDS OF THEIR ANCESTORS as they were watching MSNBC/DailyKOS/Thing Progress who themselves was watching FOX NEWS for OFFENSIVE COMMENTS against AFRICANS and AMERICANIZED NEGRO - that they would syndicate in order to keep the NEGRO IN AMERICA TRAINED ON "RACISM CHASING" - .........

****** ThumbnailRATHER THAN AWARE that after 50 years of VOTING FOR HIS SALVATION - their CONSUMER STATUS makes them INCOMPETENT to provide ONE DAMNED BIT OF STRUCTURAL ASSISTANCE to the people in West Africa.

In driving down Highway 74 in Georgia 20 minutes ago I saw a NEGRO IN A MASERATI . NO less than a $120,000 car.

This as the entire nation of Liberia has 10 ambulances for a population of 1.5 million.

THERE IS NO EFFORT AMONG THE AMERICANIZED NEGRO to purchase 100 Ford 150 trucks on the African continent.

50% of them to pick up EBOLA INFECTED LIVE HUMAN BEINGS for transport to the medical station.

50% of them to take away DEAD AFRICAN BODIES so they won't infect the rest of the population.
But a few weeks ago when I listened to a Radio One station I did hear Rick Ross say that he has a 12 cylinder vehicle that he only drives on certain days because of its color scheme.


SO I ASK YOU, CNU - "Occupy Wall Street Supporter" when you hear a "Niomi Klein type character attacking CAPITALISM - do YOU envision in your mind that she is ALSO talking about BLACK CONSUMER CAPITALISTIC EXPLOITATION - which - because it is seen as INFERIOR - is left unchecked to attack the NEGRO in a manner worse than a SUBPRIME LONE FROM COUNTRYWIDE MORTGAGE?

Naomi Klein: "All corporate capitalism is bad EXCEPT the version practiced by the Americanized Negro - whose songs are played 90% of the time in South Africa BECAUSE they are progressive allies. Beyonce, Jay-Z and 50 Cent are too valuable to our movement in compelling the Negro to vote for PROGRESSIVISM, unlike the Koch Brothers. "


Constructive_Feedback said...


The Maserati model that I saw the "Negro" (entertainer or athlete ?) driving on the south side starts at $75,000 per unit - rather than $120k.

But in Atlanta I have an equal number of Black people driving Teslas than I have seen Whites driving them. ($101,000)

CNu said...

In 'my world' - this is a reasonable, structured argument.
In 'my world'
In 'my world'
In 'my world'

lol, precisely.....,

CNu said...

In my evolution to a more global view of events (world economic
interests plotting on land and resources VERSUS domestic politics of
CONSUMERISM and disarmament through POLITICAL TEAMING) - my focus on how
"The Americanized Negro" is been manipulated (and is a co-conspirator
in his own usurpation) is made more clear to me.

That's what it means to be an American, period. To put a finer, sharper point on your complaint, I believe it consists of disgruntlement with the status of being non-owner, non-proprietor class American peasants, and peasants not even notably involved with productive economic activity. The fact of the matter is that fewer than 20% of all Americans are involved in productive economic activity. 3% in food production, 17% in manufacturing. Everybody else is surplus clerical labor value.

I think we both agree on the roll of the "Third Generation Civil Rights Activists" (or whatever you call them).

2nd/3rd line inheritors of the civil rights movement.

I think that your "genetic warfare" / conspiracy theory is an under-developed line of reasoning.

I'm 99% certain you can't articulate my "line of reasoning" - but please humor me and tell me exactly what you believe that to be and where it's underdeveloped?

IF FOR NO OTHER REASON than the fact that the past theories about "THE
CIA GENETICS LAB" creating agents to kill off undesirable people "AIDS"
and now "EBOLA" - the fact that these undesirables are now FULLY
would mean that these masses are POPULARLY VOTING FOR THEIR OWN

I see the problem. Just as you imagine a complexion-driven, monolithic diaspora, so also, you imagine a monolithic "Establishment" or proprietary class in the U.S. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are genuine Nazi's in both the proprietor class and in the Establishment, and manning stations in governance and under the rule of law. Doesn't mean that they dominate any of the above, but they're "allowed" to operate and pursue their agendae - because to do otherwise is to risk quite dangerous internecine conflict with these bad actors.

The problem is that these "Old, Tired Memes" are never updated to fit
the reality of the SHIFTING ESTABLISHMENT. Instead they function in
line with my "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your
Friends In Power" mass obfuscation theory.

Better your "Friends" be in power than that your avowed enemies come to dominate the systems of power and the rule of law.

I REMAIN STEADFAST IN MY OBSERVATION that - REGARDLESS of the source of 'Ebola' - A STRONG SOCIETY with a strong PUBLIC HEALTH SYSTEM would function as the "WHITE BLOOD CELLS" in a society - eradicating all threatening foreign agents.

Does the leukocytes (White blood cells) of your immune system content themselves that "THEY KNOW WHO DID IT" when the staphylococcus bacteria that causes staph infections enter the blood stream of the host body that they are charged to protect? IF SO THESE leukocytes WILL PROUDLY DIE with the knowledge " I KNOW WHO DID THIS TO US". In truth they are too busy doing their job of PROTECTING THE HOST to worry about something that they have no control over.

lol, your story's so touching, but it's dangerously naive and has been repeatedly shown ineffectual. Bad actors in the proprietor class, in the establishment, in governance, and operating under rule of law - are simply people. Identifying and dealing with specific bad actors is the whole and entire name of this game. Everything else is merely self-calming conversation....,

Constructive_Feedback said...

[quote]Better your "Friends" be in power than that your avowed enemies come to dominate the systems of power and the rule of law.[/quote]

Dear sir, you look at things from a CONSUMER perspective.

From the "We Are In The White 'House Negroes' " to the corrupt "Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta" who saw the Dekalb CEO shaking down county contractors for money and freezing their contracts if they did not play ball - the HUNG JURY was proof to them that "The JURY HAS SPOKEN - LETS MOVE ON"........we see that THE FAVORABLE PEOPLE IN POWER - produces DISARMAMENT among the Americanized Negro.

* When the US government ran a coup in Libya - the Americanized Negro made the choice that a DOMESTIC PROGRESSIVE WARRIOR against the White Right Wing enemy was enough to not protest against AMERICAN IMPERIALISM while a "Friend" was in power

* When the US government- after CIA insurgency and Drone bombings that the ACLU does not consider "Torture/Water Boarding" - made an "Isis Speech" proclaiming that TWO NATIONS OF COLOR were "Uses Cases" on how to suppress TERRORISM - (Yemen and Somalia) NO NEGRO made mention of "Soveregnity" or "Due Progress" OR did they bother to watch the INTERNATIONAL NEWS - which told their viewers that YEMEN AND SOMALIA ARE STILL "TERRORIST HOT BEDS" despite what the President told his American consumers.

SUMMARY - This FRIEND that you speak of that is in the seat of POWER of what has been called "YOUR OPPRESSOR" - coupled with a squadron of EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN - can TRICK THE NEGRO into DISARMING HIMSELF from the previous ANTI-IMERIALIST/WHITE SUPREMACIST stances to the point where he (the American Negro) IS an IMPERIALIST from the vantage point of another group of NEGROES who reside OUTSIDE of "The Belly Of The Beast". The Americanized Negro today is no different than the "White rank & file" of the 1800's who were concerned about certain policies but MORE CONCERNED about their CONSUMER RELATIONSHIP to the capitalistic system that brought them their cotton products, etc.

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