Thursday, October 16, 2014

but I bet they got some clipboards though....,

WaPo |  Attention in the United States is squarely focused on containing the spread of the Ebola virus from the Dallas hospital ward where a patient with the disease died last week.

But across the Atlantic, the devastating effects of the outbreak continue. Liberia, one of the three West African countries at the heart of the Ebola epidemic, has been tragically ill-prepared to deal with the spread of the deadly virus. An inventory released by the country's health ministry this week shows how stark the situation is, beginning with Liberia's acute shortage of body bags.


Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother CNu:

Thank you for keeping your premium focus on this tragic situation that is brewing in West Africa while avoiding focus on the ignorance being volleyed by the "Two Dung Producing Party Animals" in America.

This is an occasion by which people's character and values, which some claim through the form of "Social Justice" and "Protection Of The Least Of These" are going to be shown - all without anyone telling them that this should be the case REGARDLESS of man made political boundaries.

For my money "Doctors Without Borders" remains as the best investment because - they never left the hot zone when people were in the greatest need.

CNu said...

and there I thought all the dung was being produced by Dr. Tom Frieden with the CDC....,

John Kurman said...

"3D printers have nothing on them". Yup. Macguffins.

Honestly Not Sure How A Turd Like This Calls Itself A Scholar.....,

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