Tuesday, October 28, 2014

bat bombs bringing the ebola

Wikipedia | Bat bombs were an experimental World War II weapon developed by the United States. The bomb consisted of a bomb-shaped casing with numerous compartments, each containing a Mexican Free-tailed Bat with a small timed incendiary bomb attached. Dropped from a bomber at dawn, the casings would deploy a parachute in mid-flight and open to release the bats which would then roost in eaves and attics. The incendiaries would start fires in inaccessible places in the largely wood and paper construction of the Japanese cities that were the weapon's intended target.
The Bat Bomb was originally conceived by a Pennsylvania dentist named Lytle S. Adams, a friend of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.[1] Dr. Adams submitted it to the White Housein January 1942, where it was subsequently approved by President Roosevelt[2] on the advice of Donald Griffin.[3]
Adams observed that the infrastructure of Japan was especially susceptible to incendiary devices as many of the buildings were made of paper, bamboo, and other highly flammable material. The plan was to release bat bombs over Japanese cities having widely-dispersed industrial targets. The bats would spread far from the point of release due to the relatively high altitude of their release, then at dawn they would hide in buildings across the city. Shortly thereafter built-in timers would ignite the bombs, causing widespread fires and chaos.
The United States decided to develop the Bat Bomb during World War II as four biological factors gave promise to this plan. First, bats occur in large numbers (four caves in New Mexico are each occupied by several million bats[4]). Second, bats can carry more than their own weight in flight (females carry their young—sometimes twins). Third, bats hibernate, and while dormant they do not require food or maintenance. Fourth, bats fly in darkness, then find secluded places (often in buildings) to hide during daylight.
Project Details
By March 1943 a suitable species had been selected. The project was considered serious enough that Louis Fieser, the inventor of military napalm, designed 0.6 ounce (17 g) and one ounce (28 g) incendiary devices to be carried by the bats. A bat carrier similar to a bomb casing was designed that included 26 stacked trays, each containing compartments for 40 bats. The carriers would be dropped from 5,000 feet (1,525 m). Then the trays would separate but remain connected to a parachute that would deploy at 1,000 feet (305 m). It was envisioned that ten B-24 bombers flying from Alaska, each carrying a hundred shells packed with bomb-carrying bats could release 1,040,000 bat bombs over the target—the industrial cities of Osaka Bay. A series of tests to answer various operational questions were conducted. In one incident the Carlsbad Army Airfield Auxiliary Air Base 32°15′39″N 104°13′45″W near Carlsbad, New Mexico, was set on fire on May 15, 1943, when armed bats were accidentally released.[5] The bats incinerated the test range and roosted under a fuel tank. Following this setback, the project was relegated to the Navy in August 1943, who renamed it Project X-Ray, and then passed it to the Marine Corps that December. The Marine Corps moved operations to the Marine Corps Air Station at El Centro, California. After several experiments and operational adjustments, the definitive test was carried out on the "Japanese Village" a mockup of a Japanese city built by the Chemical Warfare Service at their Dugway Proving Groundstest site in Utah. Fist tap Drew.


Ed Dunn said...

Please play 1:17-1:19 over and over again - this is the real picture. The use of middle aged white women as astroturf tools to pursue a political agenda. Go and observe at the "Fat Girl Costume" with Wal-Mart to the one Ebola middle aged white woman attacking NJ governor Christie and you will see a vast data manipulation framework with probably the lowest zero sum game theory margins at play here.

CNu said...

I'm at a complete loss to describe the intended end-game(s) of the various and sundry manipulations underway. Not being a mass-man, and frankly most often failing to grasp the mainsprings of mass-man enthusiasms and mass-man mentality - I don't know how these manipulations look where they're intended to yield their greatest effect. From where I sit and see, however, the only thing happening over and over again, is that the manipulations themselves become increasingly conspicuous to the casual observer. I don't think increasing obviousness is a goal of the manipulators....,

Vic78 said...

AstroTurf can't fuck with the NRA. If you want to beat them, you have to be committed to a long fight. Bloomberg's money isn't going to cut it. The top down philosophy is futile against an interest group that's been in power for decades. If they want to win for real, then they have to learn how to manipulate the landscape the same way the NRA does. The first step is take off the middle class blinders.

John Kurman said...

(Sotto voce) -meanwhile, a Jap balloon bomb cut power at Hanford...

Ed Dunn said...

But that the near zero-sum level, where it become too conspicuous and obvious but you do it in the way where - hey, how are you going to bash these middle-aged women? How are you going to bash mothers? I don't think the "daughters" like Daughters of the Revolution would work in the 21st century so this mommy-activist thing look like it is giving corporations and good ol boy networks a good shaking up.