Wednesday, October 08, 2014

spanish flu in 1918 brought back by returning WW-I troops killed 1 million americans...,

zerohedge |  With boots-on-the-ground heading to Liberia to help 'manage' the anarchic dystopia that a frightened nation has become, General David Rodriguez (Commander, US Africa Command) held a briefing today to explain US troops' role:
  • QUESTION: Will they be in contact with individuals or just specimens?
  •  RODRIGUEZ: They come in contact with the individuals.
Of course this was followed by a stream of qualifiers that all protection possible will be taken (just like the nurses in Madrid?)
Via Bloomberg Transcript,
KIRBY: Afternoon, everybody. I'm proud to welcome into the briefing room General David Rodriguez, commander of Africa Command. He's here to give you an update on U.S. contributions to the effort against Ebola -- U.S. military contributions to the effort against Ebola in West Africa. And with that, sir, I'll turn it over to you.

QUESTION: Just a clarification on that, please. Will they be in contact with individuals or just specimens?

GENERAL DAVID M. RODRIGUEZ (USA), COMMANDER, U.S. AFRICA COMMAND: They come in contact with the individuals and they do that. And they're -- like I said, it's a -- it's a very, very high standard that these people have operated in all their lives, and this is their primary skill. This is not a -- you know, just medical guys trained to do this. This is what they do for a living.


John Kurman said...

Thomas Eric Duncan is dead.

BigDonOne said...

Everything possible is being done to polish-up First Fuzzy's image for the upcoming elections. BD figures the machinery, gag orders, personnel threats, etc., are already being put in place to suppress any publicity of the secondary ebola cases that will now pop up due to all the folks Duncan infected. You will not even hear about them, lest Fuzzy takes heat for failing to stop incoming flights, CDC mishandling, etc....

BigDonOne said...

Ebola - no problemo....