Tuesday, July 23, 2013

the wild west mentality...,

WaPo | Zimmerman would not have followed Martin if Zimmerman weren’t carrying a gun. If Martin were perceived as dangerous, wouldn’t an unarmed individual keep his distance until police arrived? 

Thus, we conclude that Zimmerman’s actions led to the confrontation that ultimately resulted in a fight that ended with the fatal shooting. 

It never should have happened. And it didn’t have to.

The jury obviously felt that Zimmerman acted in self-defense, or, at least, that the state failed to prove otherwise. It must have been a terrible conclusion to reach because, no matter the legal definitions that guided them, it seems impossible that someone’s young son, guilty of nothing, should die while his killer walks. Adages become such for a reason: The law is an ass.

As soon as passions cool, assuming we let them, the discussion that needs to take place surrounds a question: What was George Zimmerman doing walking around his neighborhood armed and loaded? In what world is this normal behavior? 

The answer: Not a world most of us want to live in. Let’s start there.


Tom said...

What a world, where the freaking Neighborhood Watch can hunt people down and kill them. I can't get past that.

CNu said...

The Twin Lakes homeowner's association paid through the nose in recompense for their resident loose cannon loser http://youtu.be/tlUqMmfiaME

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