Thursday, July 25, 2013

black "public intellectuals" up in arms and increasingly at odds with one another and the hon.bro.preznit...,

eurweb | This past week Dr. Cornel West has been working overtime with  the clowning of anything Obama. His latest fusillade is directed at both both MSNBC and their host Rev. Al Sharpton.

As we reported earlier, When Dr. West was asked his opinion President Obama’s comments on the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, he resorted to characterizing the president as a “global George Zimmerman.”

Well, West made a visit to Tavis Smiley’s radio show this past weekend and said Rev. Sharpton is still on “the Obama plantation” which has keeps Sharpton from being more critical of the president and Attorney General Eric Holder.

Smiley has also made controversial remarks about Obama and his response to the George Zimmerman trial.
“Deep down in his soul I think he really does feel a fire, but he can’t allow that fire to in any way spill over toward the White House. Why? Because he’s still too tied, he’s too uncritical, he’s too deferential, he’s too subservient as it were and as long as that’s in place we’re going to find ourselves unable to tell the fundamental truth,” West told Smiley.

Both West and Smiley of course had their own spin on Zimmerman’s acquittal in the death of Trayvon Martin and continued to delve into the media’s handling of the racial dynamics involved in the case.
“What’s your sense of how the media, and not just Fox News but beyond that, your read as you’ve been watching this, how the media handled this case?” Smiley asked West.

“I think that it’s been decrepit though, brother. I mean, you get a focus on some of the upper middle class folk. I mean, what I call the ‘rent-a-negro’ phenomenon on MSNBC…’” West answered. West’s displeasure with MSNBC may come as a surprise to some as he has appeared as a guest on the network frequently in the past.


Tom said...

You have to admit "Global George Zimmerman" is a good one.

One thing I find with at least the current generation of Black activist types is most of them really don't seem to have a whole lot of use for ppl like me. Which has saved me a whole lot of hours the past four-five years. I just focus on making money & spending time with my family instead of trying to help out on causes that aren't my problem.

CNu said...

Global George Zimmerman is indeed priceless.

As for the so-called black "activists" - without exception, these highly compensated "go-to kneegrows" whose self and media-appointed job it is to speak on behalf of black folks don't need to build grassroots interpersonal communion either within the black community (a very local thing bounded by Dunbar's Number or outside the local black community either.

They have to do anything tangible or concrete with specific and measurable results.

Rather, it is their money-making job to pitifully and very obnoxiously try and sustain the call to poetic racial justice, a feelings-based moral stance which brooks no rational or deliberative discussion.

The advent of race studies and diversity is hands down one of the most effective and cost effective anti-black counterinsurgencies of all time as I have rather forcefully noted hereabouts.

Tom said...

So more divide 'n' conquer, basically. Black folks who distrust whites are easier to control and less likely to get ahead.

Tom said...

(For that matter, white people who are driven by absurd prejudices can be manipulated into spending vast amounts of hard-earned money on bombing, walling out, or just generally scapegoating people we've never even met.)

CNu said...

lol, human livestock management at its finest and most conspicuous. Nothing has changed since Bacon's Rebellion.

Ed Dunn said...

Who or what entity is the driver behind labeling Al Sharpton as a prominent Civil Rights leader? Al Sharpton real track recordshows he is nothing more than a failure. I cannot find the ones who are driving this except people keep referencing him as a Civil Rights leader.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother Ed:

I have to disagree with you.

The Emergency Managing Preacher Minister Al Sharpton has been WILDLY doing what he INTENDS to do.

You keep judging him on YOUR assumptions of what the Black community needs at this time. (and I agree with you)

HE and his Civil Rights Pharisee cohorts understand that their #1 goal with "Americanized Blacks" is to keep them RILED UP and formed into a CONGREGATION.

With this disposition they can be MOBILIZED to go after anything that THE NEGROES ON STAGE WITH A MIC IN THEIR HANDS tell them to do.

The one thing that you can be sure of is: ITS GOING TO HAVE POLITICAL ENDS and those who COLLECT VALUABLES FROM THE NEGRO will profit greatly.

Listen bro - I am beyond the DEMOCRAT/REPUBLICAN thing (and I am not saying that you are or are not).
The #1 THIEF of BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS is the UNCHECKED POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM that is allowed to molest the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus" - giving Black people " A PURPOSE" - while STEALING AWAY the competency at managing their own communities as the "Black Community Governance Culture" is derailed.

Where as the African Missionaries of the past destroyed "African Culture" as they applied their own "Eurocentric" norms, imposing it UPON THE NEGRO - this new brand of CULTURAL IMPERIALISM is working on the INSIDE of the "Americanized Blacks" and has more complicit Negroes than anyone would have ever thought possible previously.

It is CLEAR TO ME (Brother CNu) that SOCIETIES OF MAN operate in macro-cycles.

We are now approaching the peak of one of those sine waves where "EDUCATED IGNORANCE" reaches its apex - just before the massive fall in which billions will perish because they failed to learn how to nourish themselves.

Ed Dunn said...

That doesn't answer the question CF. Where is the John Q Public Black person out there in the real world stating Al Sharpton is their leader or a recognized Civil Rights leader to them? Andrew Young, yes people will identify him as such as well as Harry Belafonte and even Jesse Jackson. Some Black people will also say Minister Farrakhan is their leader and guidance. These people identified as leaders don't need to be on MSNBC/Sydication One every weekend on MSM.

Someone is promoting the message artificially Al Sharpton is even a leader or someone still relevant after I see nothing but a near 100% track record of failure on his part. African-Americans/Black people are not speaking of Al Sharpton as a "leader" and someone else is driving this message and perception artificially.

Could it be the Democrats to have an icon to drive the Black voter registration? Or could it be the media and RNC who want to only portray a buffoon caricature of Black people as a whole? Either way or if neither of them, the one thing I'm 100% sure I'm right on is the Black community is not the driver of Al Sharpton being a leader in any form of capacity of Black people....

CNu said...

General Electric owns MSNBC...,

Ed Dunn said...

Comcast and Universal Vivendi bought out GE stake some time ago. But it gets more interesting there. Radio One syndicates Al Sharpton through their Syndication One network. When Comcast wanted to buy a stake in NBC, the topic of "diversity" was raised during the FCC/SEC approval process. I remember the NABJ was brokering a deal to get a Black host on MSNBC after CNN did not hire one. Then Al Sharpton injected himself and guess who got a show on MSNBC?

CNu said...

Needless to say the self-promoting opportunist(s) are fully cooperating (if not authoring) the narratives utilized to emotionally drive a mass of people. Seems interesting that within the apparently fractious ranks of self-appointed and media promoted black public "intellectuals" that there is little to no criticism of the source comparable to what you've pointed out.

Lot of purportedly "black partisan" folk going along to get along....,

Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother Ed:

Lets appraise the Emergency Managing Minster Sharpton based upon those "Black Fixtures" that stand on stage with him:

1) Martin Luther King III / Bernice King - The "Integrity" of the King Legend - have NEVER publicly told Sharpton that he was an affront to their father's legacy. Their presence shows an endorsement of what he does

2) The Black Press operatives that go on Shartpons television and radio shows (Dr Earl Ofari Hutchenson, his "The Grio" coworkers (David Wilson) - all break bread with Sharpton on the air and agree to KEEP THE ENEMY ON TRIAL - thus defending the "Black Establishment" (Black Racial Services Machine)

3) The White Press (White Progressive Cheshire Fox Allies). A few months ago when Sharpton told the world that the STATE OF MICHIGAN owed Detroit $300 Million in some tax reimbursement arrangement - enough to close the budget gap and keep the city afloat the MEDIA gave him air time. NOW we know that Detroit is insolvent to the tune of $18 billion in the long term debt that they can't pay.

Here is my key point- IT DOESN'T MATTER that there are or are not people voicing their "Worship Of Sharpton As 'Their Leader' ".


1) NOTING THE CONDITION of the Black Communities (Mission Accomplished Zones) that he played a part in architecting the BUILD UP of the machine by having Black people to invest their HOPES in Development and their VOTES in electing people

2) Upon "Mission Accomplishment" instead of standing by the short fall he compels Americanized Blacks to DEFEND THE "BLACK SEATS IN POWER"

3) The News Media doesn't care to go after him because he brings in BLACK VOTES and POLITICAL LOYALTIES in the manner they want us to invest in

The real issue is NOT SHARPTON.
The issue is the LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY to drive RESULTS rather than AFFIRMATIONS of what the people already believe.

CNu said...

Bro. Feed, your analysis misses a multitude of major points.

1. Given the benefit of hindsight, we now know that Daniel Patrick Moynihan was right on time 40+ years ago.

2. We know that William Julias Wilson was right on time 25 years ago

3.We know the social anatomy of racial and ethnic disparities in violence

In the context of sprawl, economic contraction (soon to be collapse) and a host of bad policies that have compounded pathologies which have now broadened to effect a much larger demographic than the canaries in the hood coal mine, public "intellectuals" giving voice to disinformation and inciting emotional rather than careful and analytical responses to the present situation contribute significantly to the worsening of an already bad situation.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother CNu:

These points are PARALLEL / COMPLEMENTARY to the points that I made.

Please understand me Bro:

I am of the opinion that the "Americanized Black" is going to reach a point by which he REFUSES to BE MOLESTED ANY LONGER!!!

His choice to "Vote For His Salvation" (with the hopes of fixing what you point to above) will needed to be TEMPERED by his new found understanding that he must:



* KICK THE HELL OUT any EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MAN who dares set up a KOOLAID STAND inside of the Temple - otherwise known as "The Black Community Consciousness Nucleus"

Constructive_Feedback said...


MLK III to join the 'Emergency Managing Preacher' Al Sharpton on stage in Newark today - in their run up to the August 24th Reencatment of the March On Washington
nity Consciousness Nucleus"

CNu said...

Wait a minute Bro. Feed, if none of the above took place during the renaissance of black community consciousness, when folks were infinitely more single-minded about the necessity for overcoming a common lawful oppression, segregated into geographic community nuclei, and organized into churches as centers of free political thought and speech (as opposed to free pillage and graft) HOW IN THE WORLD do you realistically expect any of these choices and changes in the contemporary context?