Wednesday, February 20, 2013

when the SHTF there are guys with guns and there are guys without guns...,

shtfschool | When SHTF, there are a guys with guns, and there are guys without guns. Everything else are just labels. Names like police, army, authority, government…

You can not think in the terms that we think today, it is dangerous.

If you read between lines on this website you also come to your own conclusions how you can make chances of your survival better if your group looks like official helpers. Of course do not use this for bad things.

There is nothing deep and philosophic in this story, police force are just bunch of guys with guns who are doing their job today, some of them are good people, some of them are bad people. They all just like us gonna choose what they gonna do when SHTF but when they are in big emotional stress or fight for their survival they might not be nice guys like before. Even if they try to be good they go around and anyone they see can be a Chris Dorner and in all chaos they do not know.

Guys who were hiding in the building were common law abiding folks, and they did not realize that SHTF and that rules had changed, actually rules were gone, so what was before did not matter much. Black can be white, bad can be good, or police force can be simple gang.

Really getting this mindset is also main point of my survival course. Yes, there are my list with supplies and survival guide but with interviews I want you to see how “not natural” it was. Yes, it feels like landing on different planet when society changes like that but if you want to survive you have to be able to be almost comfortable with this.

Now do not get me wrong, I am not saying that we all need to go out and not obey the law. Nothing like that. But when SHTF it is wrong to act like law abiding citizen just because you are used to. It just doesnt make sense and you have to question everything and everyone.

I had that “advantage” or “luck” seeing all that when SHTF, also I am living in what I call “unorganized” country so I am perfectly aware that police here even in “normal” times are armed guys who also work for people who pay more.

So all of my problems I am trying to solve by myself, no real help from authorities. Maybe in your world situation is different and you should be grateful for that. I am not saying that all cops are bad, in your country most cops are probably very good. Just keep in mind people who enforce law and order are humans too and when SHTF or in major disaster that is followed by long term survival situation they are living in new world too in which old rules do not mean much.

I know it is easy for me to say this because I have been in this situation but besides all “technical” or “logistical” aspects of prepping your mind has to be ready for the day when old labels, classification and rules are not working anymore. Only then you can make critical right decisions that can make your chance to survive better.


Dale Asberry said...

Have you watched Firefly yet?

umbrarchist said...

And why will SHTF?

Educators could not suggest that something as simple as 700 year old double-entry accounting be mandatory in the schools for the last 50 years. Of course Adam Smith would not have suggested it since public education did not start until 100 years after he died.

And now economists can't talk about planned obsolescence even though that aspect of the economy has been obvious for the last 50 years.

So S will HTF because the system has been running on LIES and Information Hiding for the last 50 years.

NO! It is all the fault of John Maynard Keynes and Liberals.


CNu said...

lol, the S hasn't quite HTF as folk were wont to think it might do yet after all -

CNu said...

I have not yet seen any Firefly beyond the 2 hour Serendipity. However, this is a theme which also seemed to play out in Revolution, which series I did kind of sort of watch via DVR

Dale Asberry said...

I guarantee that you'll appreciate the show, if anything just for Gina Torres and (the sometimes very sexy scenes with) Morena Baccarin... Much like I think The Matrix is the best movie ever, I would say that Firefly is the best tv show ever. Every bit worth the 15 hours you'd spend watching it on Hulu. I'll also add that it took my wife a year to convince me to watch the show the first time after I'd already watched the movie (which I sorta 'eh' liked). The biggest hurdle to me was if it's so good, why was it cancelled. My only thought is that it was WAY too smart (as opposed to stupid like every other damn show on tv.)

And it's not like Revolution.

umbrarchist said...

I read the book. Still haven't watched the entire movie.

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