Sunday, February 03, 2013

do what you're supposed to do, or you get what's coming...,

More impressed with this cat than I am with myself. His patience, professionalism and preparation for dealing with riff-raff is exceptionally commendable. Every week, I see one or more bus drivers - men and women alike - beset by unreasonable, hostile and assaultive, and filthy and disgusting-smelling riders. Sadly, our metro bus drivers are denied any kind of right to self-defense and are required to put up with ungodly levels of abuse. In fact, the only recourse permitted the bus drivers is to stop the bus, call the police, and seriously inconvenience any other passenger on that bus - all of whom are required to wait until the police arrive, the "dispute" is settled, and the unruly passenger is taken away by the police. 

There are three stellar old school bus drivers who - much like this mall manager - are simply not having it. These drivers aggressively confront any and all infractions of clearly written bus policy and implement zero tolerance for the benefit of the passengers on the buses which they operate. In support of these drivers, I and a couple of other male passengers have entered into intervention agreements with the drivers - freeing them to a great extent to further exercise confrontational zero tolerance knowing that there are other men on the bus who respect the thankless and stressful job the drivers are trying to do, and who will physically remove riff-raff for the benefit of the common good and to protect the conscientious drivers. 


Ed Dunn said...

As an additional note, the security guard made over $20,000 from a third party crowd funding push last week alone.

I doubt this funding came from "within the Black community" and this is an interested crowd funding effort - you mean to tell me there are people who are willing to put up money to clean up our commercial zones?

However, the police station is only a few blocks away and the local Black politicians are not doing anything either to clean up probably one of the biggest Black commercial zones in Atlanta near the Underground mall. I also tell people that we have one of the largest InterNAP network buildings right across the street from that video where Black startups can tap directly into OC-3 for $99/month.

All of the business this guy is "protecting" are gutter scummy businesses that prey on poor Blacks. So how can he say get rid of the very customers the businesses attract? Are the local businesses going to clean up their act and attract better customers?

CNu said...

favela time coming....,

Ed Dunn said...

Again, even if they do a sweep, what kind of business going to exist there? Are the Korean merchants going to offer luxury Chinese goods instead of cheap Chinese goods to the local community? What's the end game here?

CNu said...

what kind of business going to exist there?

Why isn't Trader Joe's in there right this very minute making a killing selling fresh fruits, vegetables, organic and healthful fare? What's the hold-up there if it's such a prize market opportunity?

Ed Dunn said...

Ok, let's re calibrate and lay down a foundation here. Check out the attached picture of the "Metro Mall" below. Do you notice from this same Google Map drive-by the same dude standing on the sign from the first video above? LOL!!!!

S&S Gold Teeth? So this security mall cop guy is driving out the "bad hoodlums" and this is the place you go and get your gold grill?! They sell other ghetto crap in this location and attract ghetto people and now the ghetto people are the bad guys here?

If you look at this area from Google Maps [75 Peachtree Southwest, Atlanta Georgia] and do a streetview, you will come to realize this is actually an historical Black commercial district turned ghetto. The problem is the local politicians who did nothing to encourage middle-class shopkeepers and the Atlanta police station is a block away who let these people roam about in an open market.

CNu said...

We have the same thing here not two miles from my house called The Landing,Kansas+City,+MO&cid=0,0,1496375959347789056&ei=yskOUY6YBsT1qAGl34DYCA&sqi=2&ved=0CKIBEPwSMAM Two cops are stationed inside the landing at all times and metro police station is within a quarter mile of this strip. It's a whole lot less drama going on in this gold grill and turrible gear mall.

No amount of encouragement could persuade a low capitalized merchant to go into this mall, and well capitalized merchants simply locate on the opposite side of Troost Ave. (almost like there was an invisible barrier separating the one side from the other) Our most "notable" politician Congressman and former mayor the Rev Emanual Cleaver is only good for precipitating boondoggles to line his own pocket and the pocket of his cronies. 18th and Vine into which $270 Million has been sunk and squandered over time,Kansas+City,+MO&cid=0,0,1496375959347789056&ei=yskOUY6YBsT1qAGl34DYCA&sqi=2&ved=0CKIBEPwSMAM and most recently the Green Zone - yet another mega-millions epic failure.

If you go to the so-called near northeast side, a wildly integrated working class hood, mexicans, somalians, vietnamese, blacks, poor whites - there is a veritable explosion of hood business which I patronize weekly for food, groceries, and sundry. Your concepts and prototypes would be absolutely explosive in this neighborhood. But in the hoodrat hood proper, not so much because nothing seems to thrive there.

makheru bradley said...

Hopefully Mr. Long uses that $23K to by a suit of full body-armor. He's going to need it.

CNu said...

KCPD has a list of 369 individuals implicated or proximate to the majority of violent crimes committed in the 3rd and the 5th districts. When one factors in the general malaise and anarchy that percolates up out of that nexus of ignants, I don't think the societal questions of civil rights are going to be debated for a whole lot longer. Instead, I think one or more stages of the Brazilian solution are going to be implemented to address this problem, if not once and for all, at least like a seasonal visit from the Orkin man....,

ATLPD has a comparable list, doubtless a whole lot larger. Now it just needs to find its own civic cojones and commence with the fumigation process.

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