Tuesday, December 25, 2012

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Q: I should like to ask a question. I should like to know. I remember myself many times a day, but I believe that my remembering is not voluntary. It is only the result of an association which leads me to work. How can I make a remembering that results from my wishing and not from my associations?

A: There exists a very good way. Is your father or your mother alive?

Both of them

A: Good, you can be happy. I will give you an exercise. Learn to do it. Later I shall explain to you the details. First of all, fix a contact with your father and your mother.

When I am with them?

A: With or without them. You do it interiorly. For example "I am". When they are there, you look at them. When they are not there, you represent them to yourself. You say to yourself, for each one of them, "I am thou, thou art I". You are the result of your parents. You are the same blood, remember that. Later I will explain to you. While waiting, do this. Accustom yourself interiorly to be very quiet and to see sincerely and with affection your father, your mother. Objectively, to you they are more than God. God himself said, as long as your father and mother live, I do not exist for you.

Why must one represent to oneself one's father and mother?

A: You owe your life to them. But that is another question. Take it objectively. Your father and mother are more than God. If you pray to God, God himself can send you to the devil; "after their death, you will come to me". It is an expression. I give you this exercise which consists of this contact in order to prepare you for another exercise. This will help you. It is difficult to remember yourself. You cannot do it theoretically, for it becomes automatic. Associations (Personality) will not help you, in order to remember yourself, you must make an effort of will. You understand what I wish to say, nothing can be born spontaneously. Your associations (Personality) are not you, they are automatic. Afterward, (when you have worked) your associations will always remain automatic, but your work will have a relation, not any more with your associations, (Personality) but with you. (Essence)


CNu said...

Not just for remembering, also for doing http://youtu.be/QU9SsTwY5nU