Saturday, December 15, 2012

when I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child

Now suppose in some way you could act only from undeveloped Essence; it would be foolish, even not human. You must not imagine that Essence is wholly beautiful and charming. Essence is lazy. From the standpoint of the astral or planetary world, Essence is often more or less like an animal. There are very few human beings at this level anymore.

So here lies the paradox of Personality and Essence.

To be able to act from Essence requires a development of Essence. For Essence to grow, Personality must become passive. To say that Personality must teach Essence is one way of putting it, but however you put it,  Essence must learn from Personality.

The difficulty is that Essence cannot be compelled to grow.

No external compulsion can make Essence grow. Essence cannot be persuaded directly, by outside force.

You cannot compel a small child to grow. Why? Because each child is a self-developing organism by creation. That is, it can only develop itself.

The esoteric problem—the task of Work—is how to make Essence grow. It does not grow from itself save to a point. Something else is necessary.

This is the central idea of religion and explains why religions exist.

How to make Essence grow is the real work of religious praxis—i.e., how to make what is real in you grow so that there is no duality of acquired Personality and born Essence.

Now if you do not steal, from yourself, from others, no matter what the circumstances, this is Essential. If you do a thing because no one is looking, or you wish a reward or praise, or from fear, it is not from within, but from outside—that is, from external circumstances, from Personality. It is not real.

When stripped of external life what will you be—when Personality is removed? What remains that is real?  I advise you to think about this problem that arises from the fact that you are created as a self-developing organism. You will see how all external compulsion and social systems will never develop you and will, in fact, only further separate you from Essence completely.

All the long process and living of Work is to pass from Personality to Essence, bringing to Essence the gifts that Personality has acquired. 


CNu said...

Kevin Langdon...rotflmbao....., whew!!!!

CNu said...

I think you have to do a better job of describing "essence".


the twelve days of Christmas have hardly just begun.

Instead of feverishly googling and getting caught on the horns of insanity, you'd do better (profit more) by directly asking sincere questions.

who knows, this type of deep exposition may never happen again....,

ken said...

Didn't I ask?

CNu said...

lol, no, you challenged me to catch, pluck, roast, and fly a succulent pigeon into your mouth - emphasis on "challenged" and no hint of "sincere".

Surely you know how to deport yourself in the framing of sincere questions? You know, pretty much the way you approach that alpha in the pulpit at your church-home and on whom you've conferred substantial undeserved authority?

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