Tuesday, December 25, 2012

because you owe...,

Are you glad to be alive? Is life worth something to you? Well then, if you are alive and glad of it, you should pay something in return. For example, I see your mother here. But for her, you would never have come into the world. It is to her that you owe your life. If you are glad to live, you must repay her. you are of age now, the time has come to settle your debts. One of the chief causes of your being alive is your mother.  It is because of her that you have your pleasures and that you have possibilities of developing yourself. One of the reasons, one of the aspects of your coming into the world is, then, your mother. And I ask you, have you begun to pay your debts to her?


Repay her. Even if she is objectively bad, she is your mother. And how can you pay her? You should unify her life. But instead of that, what do you do? You make her life more difficult. You unnerve her, you irritate her. Unconsciously, remorse of conscience could flow from that. Take the year that has just passed, remember: often you have been very bad toward your mother. You are merde. You have not yet fulfilled your obligations. If you have understood this, remorse can begin in you. This is but one aspect. I could explain to you other aspects of this fact, but for now, begin with this one. For the past two years, how many times have you been bad, very bad to your mother?

Remember this and try to repair the past with your future in the present. It is a very difficult thing. If you forget, if you do not do it, it is your fault and doubly your fault. First, you are to blame for this past, and you are a second time to blame for not repairing it today.


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CNu said...

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