Thursday, December 20, 2012

okindanokh | In order that Hassein may have some idea of how completely the function called the ‘instinctive sensing of reality,’ proper to every three-brained being of the whole of our Great Universe, is lacking in the presence of the three-centered beings breeding on he planet Earth Beelzebub tells him how they understand and explain to themselves the reasons why there occur periodically on their planet the cosmic phenomena they call ‘daylight,’ ‘darkness,’ ‘heat,’ ‘cold,’ and so on.

In order to help Hassein grasp what they are speaking of and assimilate in the right way all Beelzebub has already told him, it appears necessary to touch upon questions concerning the fundamental laws of world-creation and world-existence. He says that everything in the Universe-all that was intentionally created and all that has automatically arisen-exists and is maintained solely on the basis of the ‘common-cosmic trogoautoegocratic process.’ This system, which maintains everything that arises and exists, was established by our Endless Creator to permit the ‘exchange of substances,’ or ‘reciprocal feeding’ of everything existing, to proceed in the Universe, so that the merciless Heropass would no longer have its maleficent effect on the Sun Absolute. This most great common-cosmic trogoautoegocratic process is actualized, always and in everything, on the basis of the two fundamental cosmic laws, ‘the fundamental first-order sacred Heptaparaparshinokh’ and ‘the fundamental first-order sacred Triamazikamno.’

Beelzebub points out that Objective Science declares that everything in the Universe without exception is material and that ‘Etherokrilno’ is the primordial substance with which the whole Universe is filled, and which is the basis for the arising and maintenance of everything that exists.

Beelzebub adds that only the cosmic crystallization, known as the ‘Omnipresent Okidanokh,’ although also crystallized from etherokrilno, has its prime arising from the three holly sources of the sacred ‘Theomertmalogos,’ that is, from the emanations of the Most Holy Sun Absolute, and that this is in general the principal cause of most cosmic phenomena and, in particular, of hose proceeding in the atmospheres.

He refers to the particularities of the ‘omnipresent active element’ Okidanokh and its relationship to the various brain systems of beings, called the ‘one-brained,’ ‘two-brained,’ and ‘three-brained’ systems. He points out that three-brained beings have the possibility of personal self-perfecting because of the localization in their common presence of three centers, or three brains, upon which, when the Omnipresent Okidanokh undergoes the process of ‘djartklom,’ the three holly forces of the sacred Triamazikamno are deposited and acquire the possibility of further, this time independent, actualizations. Beings having this three-brained system can, by the conscious and intentional fulfilling of being-partkdolgduty, bring their presence to what is called the ‘sekronoolantsaknian’ state; that is to say, they can become Individuals who have their own sacred law of Triamazikamno. But since the three-brained beings of the planet Earth have entirely ceased to fulfill being-partkdolg-duty, chiefly because of the abnormal conditions of being-existence gradually established by them themselves, none of these holly sources of everything existing is transubstantiated for their own presences, except the denying source alone.

He promises to describe to Hassein the elucidating experiments pertaining to this omnipresent cosmic crystallization at which he was present in person, on the planet Saturn.


Downrange said...

How piquant it is that we see that we can know that we know some things, know that we can't know other things, and know that we are related to the whole by our knowing and our not knowing.

CNu said...

Couldn't have put it more deftly if I'd wanted to..., because it is precisely that inimitable taste and feeling which must become the object of our affections. Everything else is merely conversation....,

tomas said...

You seem to be in a Christmas mood alright. Thank you.

Feynman in the post... and making references to BTTG, which you don't recommend for reading very often. You still offer only references and explanations of G. from third persons (that is not you (I don't know who you is, but it's someone)), known or anonymous. With bearing in mind the glossary of G. that A. Carter provided at the end of the paper The third age of the world, are any of the posts coming from your Christmas mood worth reading, without actually reading the tales three times, or can one get by with A. Carter's glossary?

CNu said...

I woke up two weeks ago after an extended nap..., post a link to the glossary and let's have a look.

tomas said...

at the end is glossary of terms used in BTTG which are relevant for the paper.

The tales I did not read, just peaked and of course I am in no position to discuss.

CNu said...

Because of his kind, generous, and patient correspondence with me, I will always hold AGC in the highest regard as an absolute exemplar of what is best in these humans. As a matter of fact, I suspect he is personally much closer and more acceptable to
than I am, because I am a mean and regularly apostate motor scooter. That said, could anyone read about tennis, for however long, and successfully face off against Roger Federer?

This is not about personal merit Tomas, this is about a useable grasp of a corpus of difficult material. That said, you should pay very careful attention to the trail of bread crumbs I'm scattering in the forest.

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