Sunday, December 23, 2012

get down on your knees

Q: How should one pray?

A: I will explain, but it is for later. In our solar system, certain substances emanate from the sun and the planets, in the same way as those emanated by the earth, making contact at certain points in the solar system. And those points can reflect themselves in materialized images which are the inverted images of the All Highest - the Absolute. I tell you that there always exists a materialized image in our atmosphere. If people could have enough concentration to enter into contact with this image, they would receive this substance; thereby receiving, no establishing, a telepathic link like a telephone.

Q: Do these images materialize in human form?

A: Yes

Q: If someone puts himself in touch with this image, and a second person put himself in touch with him, and a third, and a fourth, can they all receive this image?

A: If seven persons can concentrate enough to put themselves in touch with this image, they can communicate at any distance by the line between them. The seven form one. They can help each other. By the way, it is only by explaining something to others that one understands and assimilates it oneself completely.

Q: I want to know if by materializing the image of a saint, this will get me what I particularly desire.

A: You think like an ordinary person. You have not the means of materializing anything now. For the present, take a simple task of auto-suggestion, so that one part convinces the other and repeats and repeats to it what you have decided. There is a series of seven exercises for the successive development of the seven centers. We site the first, the brain, the one which counts in ordinary life. (the head is a luxury - the other, the emotional is also).  The only one which is necessary to life is the spinal cord, the one which you must first develop and strengthen. This exercise will strengthen it.

Hold our both arms horizontally at an exact angle, at the same time looking fixedly at a point before you. Divide your attention exactly between point and arms. You will find that there are no associations, no place for them, so occupied you will be with point and position of arms. Do this sitting down, standing, and then on your knees. Twenty five minutes each position, several times a day.

Q: When I wish to make such efforts for work, a hard barrier forms in my chest,  impossible to overcome. What should I do?

A: It is nothing. You are not in habit of using this center - it is a muscle which contracts, just muscular. Continue, continue..,

Q: I have done this exercise till I had aching shoulders. While doing it, I had the sensation of "I". I felt myself apart, really "I"

A: You cannot have "I". "I" is a very expensive thing. You are cheap. Do not philosophize, it does not interest me, and do not speak of "I". Do the exercise as service, as an obligation, not for results (like "I") Results will come later. Today, it is only service. Only that is real.


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