Tuesday, December 25, 2012


It is understandable that the Work says that unless a man can divide himself into two he cannot shift from his psychological state. Dividing yourself into two means to divide yourself into an observing side and an observed side. Unless a man can observe himself he cannot change. Such a person will remain always the same man, the same woman. Also, you all know that as long as a person takes himself or herself as one person, as always being the same 'I', he or she cannot change.

Q: Even work is distasteful to me.

A: Because you do not work. There is never any work with you, nothing ever between us when we are together = it is empty. One person cannot carry everything alone. You must make the effort for yourself. Tonight it is the same. Nobody is there = Nobody makes the effort.

One must change the way of working. Instead of accumulating during one hour, one must try to keep constantly the organic sensation of the body. Sense one's body again, continually, without interrupting one's ordinary occupation = to keep a little energy, to take the habit. I thought the exercise would allow you to keep the energy along time, but I see it is not so.

Wet a handkerchief, wring it out, put it on your skin. The contact will remind you. When it is dry, begin again.


The aim is to constantly have a sensation of oneself, of one's individuality. This sensation cannot be expressed intellectually, because it is organic. It is something which makes you independent, when you are with other people.


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