Tuesday, January 03, 2012

open-source online banking software

Cyclos | Cyclos is a project of the Dutch non profit organization STRO. Cyclos offers a complete on-line banking system with additional modules such as e-commerce and communication tools. Cyclos is currently available in ten languages and used worldwide by many organizations and communities. The Cyclos platform permits a de-centralization of banking services that can stimulate local trade and development. With the latest version it is possible to roll out mobile banking services using mobile channels such as SMS. Cyclos is published under the GPL (open source) license meaning that it can be downloaded for free and used at no cost.

The objective of the project is to develop open source complementary currency software that is easy to use and maintain, flexible, secure, and highly customizable. The Cyclos structure is entirely dynamic. This means that it is possible to 'build' a monetary system from scratch. Organizations that want a standard system can use the default database that comes with basic configurations and can be easily enhanced. Cyclos is used for mutual credit systems like LETS, Barter systems, administration of Micro credits, Time banks and backed currency systems such as a C3 (consumer and commerce circuit). Cyclos just started to be used as a back-end for mobile banking services in Africa, and various Universities are studying the possibility to use Cyclos as a campus payment system. Fist tap Dale.


Ed Dunn said...

I took a look at this open source banking application and will probably discuss it more on my blog at a future date. 

While this application is not up to par for any banking in America, I think the LETS, barter and time bank features I reviewed would serve well in urban communities to enable virtual economic development activities.

CNu said...

Excellent..., glad to hear it was useful. I'm working with a group of folks on getting a CAPS (center for advanced professional studies) http://www.bluevalleyk12.org/education/dept/dept.php?sectionid=3130  set up here in KC - one of the offerings I think would truly flourish and become financially self-sustaining - would be a turnkey operation for setting up vetted open source applications for business and not-for profit clientele. We might even wind up hosting many of these applications for ease of securing, servicing and supporting them. I will definitely keep you posted on how this begins to shape up.

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Free Ecommerce Software said...

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aideme said...

can anyone recommend a free open source banking sotware thats easily installed to windows?