Sunday, January 15, 2012

smells like change?

declineofempire | Writing in Salon, Glenn Greenwald reports on Jack Lew, Hopey-Changey's choice to replace William Daley as his chief of staff. Glenn gives us some background on Daley, who I used to illustrate just how screwed we truly are in my post America's Elites Own You. I believe that was the first post in which I used the classic George Carlin video on the "American Dream"—you've got to be asleep to believe it.

When President Obama last January announced the departure of Rahm Emanuel as White House Chief of Staff, many liberals were furious that his replacement was the Midwest Chairman of JP Morgan and Boeing Director William Daley, who was also an opponent of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and a critic of Obama’s health care bill as too leftist...

Rachel Maddow harshly condemned the choice ... and sardonically observed: “mmm – a banker and a lobbyist: smells like change.”

I don't have much use for Rachel Maddow, but she got that right. What will Daley do now?

Yesterday, the White House announced Daley’s departure — he will now co-chair Obama’s re-election campaign, which basically means raising huge amounts of money from his Wall Street friends — and unveiled his replacement as Chief of Staff: Jacob "Jack" Lew.

And what about the new guy? What was he doing prior to the financial crisis?


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